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Trying Nitro 7 Coffee & Tea Bar’s Milk Teas

I learned about Nitro 7 Coffee & Bar during PitStop’s media launch in 2017. I think they were just called Nitro 7 back then and they are Philippines’ first nitrogen-infused cold-brew coffee and tea bar! The Coffee & Tea Bar Nitro 7 Coffee & Tea Bar actually started in 2016. They are a concept bar that operates a new technology in coffee and tea preparation. They brew their premium coffee beans in cold temperature for 8 hours, infuse it with nitrogen gas, and serve it in tap like draft beer. I was really amazed by that nitrogen gas thing and remember that there were dessert shops who use that, too. Going back to the point. After drinking their coffee, I never forgot the taste. So I would pass by that area just to buy a cup from them.

Finally Found This Beautiful Can of Coca-Cola with Coffee!

In case you didn’t hear the news,  Coca-Cola with Coffee was made available at selected MiniStop branches late last year for a limited time.  I tried to get my hands on this coffee-flavoured cola but couldn’t find one. I even checked various supermarkets near me but nothing. Eventually, I forgot about all about it! Fast forward to New Year’s Day.  I knew traffic will be light that day so I took my family to a mall I’ve been wanting to visit. Actually, there are several malls I wanted to visit but Ayala Malls The 30th was on the top of my list because this restaurant I’ve been meaning to try has a branch there.

Spending Some Quiet Time at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Don’t get me wrong. I love and need coffee in my life but this is my first time visiting The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. In fact, I rarely visit coffee shops. I actually already have a place I visit from time to time; not to mention, we have a coffee maker and a French press at home plus the occasional 3-in-1 coffee mix. Look, I’m not a barista. I’m aware that there is a right way to make coffee but I enjoy making my own cup at home. It’s fun, rewarding and not so expensive. But this does not mean that I’m not interested in visiting different coffee shops. I love the smell of fresh-made coffee (and tea) so I am bound to be attracted to them. It’s just that I didn’t have a lot of chance to visit The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. So when I finally did, I did not hesitate!

Hui Lau Shan: Hong-Kong Style Mango Drinks and Desserts

Name a person who doesn’t like mangoes. Can’t think of anyone? That’s because everyone loves mangoes. But if you ask them what’s their favourite mango drink, dessert or if they like it as it is, then you will definitely get a number and a variety of answers. And once you hear them, make sure to tell them all about Hui Lau Shan. Not familiar? Well, Hui Lau Shan is a dessert and refreshment brand from Hong Kong known for its mango creations. In fact, they have over 300 stores globally – China, Malaysia, South Korea, Macau, Canada, Taiwan, Paris, Vietnam and, Melbourne. And now, they are in the Philippines.

Draft Restaurant & Brewery, Ayala Malls The 30th

Oh, yes! Your North girl travelled to Pasig City just to try Draft Restaurant & Brewery. You have probably seen posts about this place and just like you, I too, am curious. Plus, I haven’t been to Ayala Malls The 30th so this is a win-win situation for us both. 🙂 Moving on, I brought my family here for a quick New Year lunch. And boy, let me tell you that our travel was worth it! Draft Restaurant & Brewery did not disappoint. Ready to read all about it? Here we go!