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Clari says, “Happy 7 Years of Blogging!”

Today is my birthday, but most importantly, my blog is also celebrating its 7th anniversary! Instead of the typical posts I make, I decided to share seven random things. I started posting on my Instagram (ClariSays) account on November 16. If you haven’t followed me, please do. I share numerous food and film-related posts there. In this post, I will share everything. I hope you find my stories amusing and funny. Honestly, I have forgotten all these. But because of my “Seven Random Things: A Birthday/Anniversary post” idea, I had to look back. I was worried at first. But the moment I remembered these stories, I became happy.

CCP Launches CCP Encyclopedia of Philippine Art Digital Edition

THE Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) affirmed today its mandate to make art matter to every Filipino with the online launching of the CCP Encyclopedia of Philippine Art (EPA) Digital Edition. In the presence of CCP Officials, educational partners, and media friends, the CCP unveiled to the public today one of its flagship educational projects, finally bringing online the most comprehensive and authoritative sourcebook on Philippine art and culture.

Need Bread? Order From Family Panaderia Co. Today!

I was randomly browsing the Foodpanda app on my smartphone a couple of days ago. The reason is I did not want to wait four more hours to buy a loaf of bread. You see, our village has a curfew since the start of ECQ. We decided not to remove it as part of the new normal. Thus, I decided to try if there is a shop that delivers in our area. While browsing, I stumbled upon a shop called Family Panaderia Co. It is a newly opened panaderia, or bakery in English, that offers homemade and fresh bread daily. I wasn’t familiar with them, which led me to do a little Googling and found their social media pages.

Art by the Bay Online

THE Cultural Center of the Philippines’ Visual Arts and Museum Division (VAMD) supports the first online iteration of Art by the Bay, a project of the Association of Pinoyprintmakers (AP).  As early as April this year, CCP VAMD and AP got together to think of ways to support local printmakers.  CCP Vice President and Artistic Director Chris Millado, a regular visitor of Art by the Bay, suggested to try shifting Art by the Bay online.   Art by the Bay is AP’s bi-annual open house event that is usually held at their studio in the back of the Folk Arts Theater in the CCP Complex.  It started in 2010 as AP’s annual Christmas gathering.  For ten years now, Art by the Bay has grown an audience of artists, enthusiasts, collectors, and students, locally and internationally.  With a glass of wine on one hand and the excellent view of Manila Bay, visitors of Art by the Bay can take part in various activities such as print sales, raffles of artworks, artist discussions, printmaking demos, and just …