Author: Clari says,

Cinemalaya Holds Ricky Lee Masterclasses

AWARD-winning scriptwriter Ricky Lee will conduct two masterclasses on storytelling entitled “Mga Tao at mga Tauhan”, on August 9 and 15 respectively. Through Ricky Lee’s 11-story steps, learn to unearth the truth through stories and how to find your unique voice.  You’ll understand the value of thinking inside and outside the box and how to write during the pandemic by harnessing the magic of convergence and serendipity.

Papa Diddi’s Sweet Origins Now Offers Heritage-Inspired Cakes

Local ice cream brand Papa Diddi’s expands its Sweet Origins cake line with the introduction of 3 heritage-inspired traditional cakes. Coming from the successful introduction of its ice cream cakes last June, Sweet Origins traditional cakes offers classic favorites matched with traditional sweet local pastries. The maiden offering showcases the Caramel Otap Crunch. This chiffon cake is generously covered with caramel and punctuated with the crunchy yet sweet Otap from Cebu.

Affordable Products at Shine Korea Supermarket, Timog Avenue

I previously featured Nathaniel’s Bakeshop in Timog Avenue. In that same area, you will also find a store that sells various Korean products. I know I keep using the hashtag “Support You Lokal” and promoting local products on my social media pages but this also means supporting the businesses in your area. So if you like Korean products, I don’t see anything wrong purchasing on stores near you. Shine Korea Supermarket Shine Korea Supermarket offers various products from seasonings to kitchenware. You can check their Facebook page’s shop section to view all the items. But let me share with you a couple of products we got from them.

Get Baked! The Latest Delivery-Only Baked Meals

Who says adventures are only found outside? Take a leap and experience an adventure of a lifetime all within the comfort of your own home! Don’t miss out, get on board with this new brand that lets you explore the world further with their unique and delectable rice meals. Get Baked! is the latest delivery-only baked meals that is a must-try for all our fellow adventurers and thrill-seekers out there!