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Not Just a Memorial Park, Himlayang Pilipino is a True Historical Site

Have you been to Himlayang Pilipino Memorial Park in Tandang Sora, Quezon City? Yes, it’s a cemetery. And don’t worry, this is not a horror story. I just noticed that more and more people are becoming interested in historical and heritage tours. This is actually great because it is important to know and embrace our history and culture. Advertisements

POUND Opens 9th Branch at SM North EDSA

Attention fellow Northerners and burger lovers! POUND will open their 9th branch at SM North EDSA on May 6, Monday. When POUND first opened, I only read good reviews about their gourmet burgers. As soon as they started opening more branches around the metro, I also started hearing good things about them from friends. But since I don’t pass by those areas I didn’t get the chance. Now that I do, I grabbed it! Btw, I would like to thank #WeLoveToEatPH and POUND for the invitation to experience dining at their newest branch. Please SUBSCRIBE. LIKE. SHARE. POUND – SM NORTH EDSA Like their other branches, this one also feature dim lighting that complements well with the marble tables and plush leather couches. Though it’s not as big as their other branches, this one can accommodate up to 30 people. Not bad, right? Now for the food. Since POUND focuses on delivering gourmet burgers, we ordered their burgers which, by the way, were presented in small boxes as well as other interesting dishes. #Truffle Fries …

Dough Creamery Takes Ice Cream Sandwiches To the Next Level

You don’t need a reason to enjoy ice cream. If you want one, go grab yourself a cone or, better yet, a spindle bread cone! In the newest building of SM North EDSA, you will find a dessert shop that brings a fresh twist on the classic Filipino ice cream sandwich we all love. The place is called Dough Creamery and they offer creamy soft serve ice cream on top of their special doughs (bread).

April 2019 Blog Roundup + Welcoming May

Buenas! Quetal man ustedes? Bueno man? 🙂 Before we bid April farewell, let me share with you what I did that month. Wait a minute! I just realized that I didn’t have a lot of activities outside work mainly because the summer heat came early. You know what? People should really stop calling it summer because we don’t have the other three seasons – spring, fall (autumn), and winter. As far as I know, the only seasons in the Philippines are Wet, Dry and Christmas season! 😉

A Girl Who Wears Glasses

They call it eyeglasses, some call it specs but we simply know it as glasses. The magical frame-bearing lenses that let people with weak vision see the world clearly. Indeed, it’s a splendid invention but I never liked it and never even imagined myself wearing one. But the day I had to, came sooner than expected.