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Mantou & Other Asian Fusion Style Cuisine at The House of Mantou

Leaving Banawe Street and heading towards Quezon Avenue Northbound, a restaurant caught my family’s attention. It’s a two-storey building with red and yellow signs.that says The House of Mantou. The Restaurant We do not always pass by the area so we were not aware of this restaurant. But according to research, The House of Mantou was built on November 17, 2011. They offer Asian fusion style cuisine and uses only the freshest and finest ingredients. 

FIRST BREW Coffee and Tea Bar, Quezon City

I recently shared with you a new restaurant in D’ New Pit Stop Building (formerly 3 Joroma Place) Congressional Avenue. In this post, I will share with you a new cafe located right next to it. The Cafe FIRST BREW Coffee and Tea Bar opened its doors in October 2019. I wasn’t aware of it because there aren’t a lot of restaurants in that building except for Jollibee, Snap Fitness, a salon, a spa and the Phoenix Gas Station. I honestly love that area because it’s quite.

Delicious Milk Tea Plus Handmade Tapiocas? Go Visit OneZo Today!

After a lovely lunch at New Hainan Cuisine, my family and I passed by several milk tea shops. I guess seeing those gave my abuelita sudden cravings. She asked me if I could buy some milk tea for us to drink in the car on our way home. Since we already tried most of those milk tea shops, my uncle searched and spotted an unfamiliar place called OneZoTapioca. As I was looking at the sign, I remembered it was the place my blogger friends mentioned last year. This milk tea shop is the only one that uses handmade and flavoured tapiocas! So I said, “Go for OneZo Tapioca!”

Salted Egg Halo-Halo and Other Affordable Meals at BEN’S Halo-Halo, Quezon City

Attention Quezon City peeps! Laguna’s creamiest halo-halo is finally here. Would you like to try their amazing and unique halo-halo variations? All you need to do is visit the D’ New Pit Stop Building (formerly 3 Joroma Place), 652-C Congressional Avenue Quezon City. Once you reach Congressional Avenue, just look for Phoenix Gas Station. Right behind it is the building called D’ New Pit Stop Building (formerly 3 Joroma Place) where BEN’S Halo-Halo is located.

New Hainan Cuisine, A Small But Excellent Restaurant in Banawe

Banawe is Quezon City’s Chinatown. Though it is younger than Binondo which is Manila’s Chinatown, Banawe features several restaurants worth visiting over and over again. Would you like to do that, too? As mentioned, there are several restaurants in Banawe. I usually check Zomato but if I don’t have a strong signal, we would simply drive around and check every corner. Yes, every corner! Even though we’ve been coming here for a long time, every trip leads us to new discoveries.