Author: Clari Says

Is Expressing Condolences Enough During the time of Pandemic?

Someone called my name. I opened my eyes, and it was Sunday, Palm Sunday to be exact. I checked my phone, and it was almost six in the morning. It was typical for me to wake up early (or earlier), but the day wasn’t like any other. The birds my abuelita and I love to hear were nowhere to be found. Instead of lively chirps, I heard a commotion, so I stood up and left my room. As I opened my door, I felt something, but my mind could not process what it was. Everything was a blur, but I do remember a feeling of someone slipping away from my arms. I still could not process anything even as I watched the people in robes and masks do their jobs behind the glass door of the makeshift emergency room. Come Monday morning, as I was about to brew coffee and toast bread for two, reality hit me hard. I now only have to make one. *Before I proceed with this piece, I’ll answer your question. …

Rock ’n Ribs, Rotisserie Chick ’n & more at Birds ‘n Piggy, Your Asian Fusion Takeaway

Rock ’n Ribs, Rotisserie Chick ’n and more! Birds ‘n Piggy is an Asian fusion takeaway food service in Novaliches. Quezon City. They offer delicious and hearty meals at affordable prices. Let’s start with their specials! Birds ‘n Piggy has the Rotisserie Chick ’n, Rock ’n Ribs, Fire ‘n Cheese, Crispy Pata Hocks and Lechon Kawali. They also have a boneless double-fried chicken that comes in 6 pcs per pack for Php 98 and 12 pcs per pack for Php 189. Flavours include Salted Egg, Ohmami!, Oppa Chicken, Mustard BBQ, Alabama White Sauce, Spicy Buttered Garlic, Garlic Parmesan and Smokey BBQ.

Take a Bite: Pizza & Pizzadilla by Buboy’s All Food Delivery

Do you love pizza? How about quesadillas? What if I tell you there’s a way to get both? In this food review, we are featuring Buboy’s All Food Delivery. Buboy’s All Food Delivery offers a variety of Blake’s Pizza and Tortilla. They have Shawarma Pizza, Overload Special, Garlic Mozzarella Cheese, Beef & Mushroom, All Meat Pizza, Hawaiian Pizza, Ham &Cheese Pizza, Veggie Mozza Pizza, Pepperoni Pizza, and 3-in-1 Pizza. Prices range from Php110 to Php200. Want some extra mozzarella cheese? Just add 50!

Bangus Sisig Now Available at SoLo Express

Sisig? Bopis? DM SoLo Express today! SoLo Express offers classic Pinoy favourites such as pork sisig and bopis. Sisig is a Pampanga specialty dish using pork cheeks, head meat and liver broiled, diced and then sauteed and served sizzling. Bopis, on the other hand, is made of pork or beef lungs and heart sautéed in tomatoes, chillies and onions. But if you don’t like pork, no worries because SoLo Express has a healthier and at the same time delicious option. They have the Bangus Sisig, a great alternative to pork and perfect for the Lenten Season.

Recipe: VEEGA Meat-Free Spaghetti

I’m currently in love with San Miguel’s meat-free vegetarian line called VEEGA. If you are looking for a healthier food option, the VEEGA meat-free line – Balls, Burger Patty, Giniling, Nuggets and Sausage made from plant-based protein ingredients are fully-cooked, seasoned, and ready to be added to your recipes. Take my Sōmen Noodles recipe I shared previously. Instead of dumplings, I used VEEGA’s Meat Free Balls. It added a new flavour which went well with this simple recipe.