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Taste the Meatier and Cheesier McSpaghetti That Will Be Loved By the Whole Family!

Spaghetti has always been a meal that brings back fond memories of our youth, with special occasions almost regularly being celebrated with a delicious plate of this staple pasta dish. Kids’ faces light up at the simple sight of it and we can’t blame them – who wouldn’t enjoy a fun treat like spaghetti? At McDonald’s, their version of this well-loved dish is sure to bring big smiles to the whole family as the new and improved McSpaghetti is now made meatier and cheesier – just how kids and kids-at-heart like their spaghetti to be! Noodles that are cooked just right are covered with a sweet and savory blend of tomato sauce, mixed with ground beef and hotdog slices, topped off with more grated cheese! It is without a doubt kid-loved and mom-approved! Enjoy more bonding moments with your family at McDonald’s while savouring a delectable McSpaghetti for only P59 with drink or you can also have the little one enjoy a Happy Meal for only P99. Go and make any day special with a …

Palamig Ka Muna with McDonald’s Summer Desserts and Al James

Summer is the perfect time to do the things you love doing. It means no school and no homework, having lots of time to hang out with friends and being able to enjoy different experiences. As much as we look forward to summer’s fun and adventure, we can sometimes wish to take a break from all the activities that the season brings too. Just like what teen celebrities Gabbi Garcia and Ruru Madrid discover in McDonald’s’ new summer ad, you can always, find ways to beat the heat, fight the boredom, and enjoy spending time with yourself or with friends if mag-palamig ka muna,” as underground hip hop artist AI James sings throughout the video that gives off the chill and cool vibe you look for during summertime. Now, going out to get some pampalamig is definitely more fun with McDonald’s three refreshing dessert offerings this summer. The new Berry Mango McFreeze Supreme, Mixed Berries McFloat, and Frozen Dalandan are just what you need when you realize that you need to cool down and get …

Get Shakin’ as McDonald’s Brings Back Shake Shake Fries with the NEW Honey Butter flavor

Have you ever experienced a situation wherein you feel all kinds of emotions at once? “Nag-text si crush!!!” “OMG my idol liked my comment!” “Bruh! Perfect ako sa exam!” One reaction: #SHOOKT Or, in layman’s terms, shocked. #SHOOKT, one of the many terms coined by millennials, is used to express a feeling of overwhelming emotion, such as a high score on an exam, a reply from a crush, or an amazing YouTube video. In case you haven’t been through any of these #SHOOKT-worthy moments, there’s one thing that will surely get you shakin’ – the comeback of McDonald’s Shake Shake Fries with the new Honey Butter flavor! This new Honey Butter offering is a sweet, buttery, and slightly creamy seasoning with a savory note that’s guaranteed to make your mouth water. Just pour the fries into the brown bag, add the powder, and shake away! With this popular Korean favorite, K-fans and even non-K-fans will surely be screaming “Kyaaaaaa!” just to get their hands on McDonald’s newest offering! Of course, Shake Shake Fries cannot make …

Fuel Up Conversations with Your Favorite McCafé Fix

What’s the best way to fuel up a conversation? Do it over a great cup of coffee. Whether you’re catching up with your pals or into long chats, McCafé can make conversations more enjoyable with its perfectly balanced brews. Made from meticulously selected 100% Arabica beans, McCafé offers premium quality coffee goodness with deliciously balanced flavors and sold at an affordable price.

Happy 2018 + Looking Back on Our 2017

Clari here! How’s your 2018 going so far? I know we’re only on day three but so far so good. Or maybe, I’m just feeling hopeful. Well, there’s definitely nothing wrong with that. People should never loose hope because it helps us go through life. In fact, my 2017 wasn’t that great. I was on an intense roller coaster ride but I managed because I never lost hope. Besides that, 2017 did bring a lot of great memories all thanks to the wonderful blogging opportunities and bloggers I met. I’ve been blogging for a while now but last year was when I took a step out of my comfort zone.