Thoughts on Netflix’s The Glory Part 1 (2022)

My Netflix viewing of The Glory Part 1 took a while to complete. But just because something takes a while doesn’t mean it’s not a good series. No, The Glory Part 1 is an excellent television series that many people of the appropriate age should see.

About the Series

The Glory is a South Korean television program created by Ahn Gil-ho and Kim Eun-sook. Part 1 of the series premiered on Netflix on December 30, 2022, and Part 2 will follow on March 10, 2023. The Glory cast includes Song Hye-kyo, Lee Do-hyun, Lim Ji-yeon, Yeom Hye-ran, Park Sung-hoon, and Jung Sung-il.

Before I begin my review, I read and watched some online posts about an incident that resembles one in the series and happened in Cheongju in 2006. According to the report, a 15-year-old and several other students allegedly assaulted a female student from an all-girls middle school. After calling the victim, the teenage attacker burned her arm with a hair iron, scarred her chest with a hairpin, and stole her money when she arrived late. At that time, the suspect was the subject of an arrest warrant issued by the city district.

Watch Real case behind bullying scene in ‘The Glory’|Cheongju Hair Curler Bullying|True Crime Korea

The Glory is a fictional work based on chats the author Kim Eun Sook had with her daughter, despite the fact that the events are uncannily similar to the scenario in the program.

My Thoughts

I kept being triggered, which is why it took me so long to finish the series. Although the bullying I experienced was not severe, it is nevertheless unpleasant. Children can be cruel, but occasionally they can be overbearing. They have the potential to cause great emotional, bodily, and mental harm. It’s crucial to supervise your kids and teach them well.

Just make sure you are passing along only great values. And if they observe you acting in the opposite way, they might emulate you. Hence, they might be acting in a certain way because of you.

In The Glory, we learn that the vile teenage antagonist Yeon-jin comes from an affluent household. Although her mother takes care of her, her mother is not deserving of the Best Mother award.

She committed several dubious acts and doesn’t give a damn whether they were right or wrong. Now, reality might not be like this. Yet in all honesty, the reality might even be harsher. Because of this, I hope that many people watch the series and that it inspires something positive in them.

Indeed, The Glory is a tale of revenge, but it also conveys a message that depends on the viewer. Whilst I won’t pass judgment, I hope it’s positive and life-changing. Who would wish to encounter such viciousness? You presumably won’t want your loved ones to go through that. Why not begin with oneself and be human? Humans are flawed but also resilient, adaptable, and compassionate.

Yet, in this tale, I fervently hope that our beloved Dong-eun finds consolation and comfort not in the snow but rather in a loving embrace and in a place where there is sunshine and laughter.

“You see, I don’t want to laugh with you. I’m afraid I’ll forget what I’m supposed to be doing if I let myself laugh.”

– Moon Dong-Eun, The Glory Part 1 (2022)

To pull off a show like this, you need more than just a compelling story and excellent direction and cinematography. All the actors in the drama deserve praise for giving their characters, in both major and minor roles, life.

On March 10, Netflix will begin streaming The Glory Part 2.


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