Where To Eat: Oliva Bistro Cafe, Visayas Avenue, Quezon City

The country is home to a vast range of restaurants and cuisine. A total of 30,889 establishments in the formal sector of the economy were engaged in accommodation and food service activities, according to the 2016 Annual Survey of Philippine Business and Industry (ASPBI) data. If you’re a foodie, you’ve likely gone a great distance to try the different restaurants in the country or city.

Have you eaten at any restaurant near you lately? Do you know the restaurants, big or small, in your city? Visiting the restaurants near you is similar to what people say about travelling in your own country before exploring the entire world. You might find a gem waiting to be uncovered.

As I’m from Quezon City, I typically eat in the area. It is because I want to help my community, and I am confident that I can return time and time. If you visit my blog, you may find many restaurants and cafés listed under Quezon City. Why not see what restaurants, big or small, are nearby if you’re close to those locations or pass by on your way to and from work?

For instance, there are many bakeries, cafes, and family restaurants on Visayas Avenue. I remember the places I frequented before the pandemic, some of which have since closed down or relocated. Nonetheless, certain restaurants remain open and serve their delectable fare.

Oliva Bistro Cafe

I’ve been regularly visiting Oliva Bistro Cafe with my family and friends since 2012 or 2013. I can vouch for their commitment to their cuisine because I’ve been a regular customer for a very long time.

When I finally had the guts to eat out in March 2022, Oliva Bistro Cafe had just undergone a renovation. Their recently updated area is brighter and features more white with brown and green accents. Yet, if you frequent the establishment, you could see some unfamiliar faces. Fear not; the familiar Ate at the counter, and Kuya chinito in the kitchen are still present. It’s the same Oliva Bistro Cafe with its cuisine and service, just in a different environment and with a new crew.

Let this be a sign if you live in the area or just pass by and have never been there. To prevent you from feeling overwhelmed, I’ll recommend a few of Oliva Bistro Cafe’s delectable menu items you can try when you come. They added a few more, which I got to try during my visit this February 2023.  These will be on my list, along with my favourite dishes.

Breakfast Burrito

One of their breakfast options, the burrito, a Mexican and Tex-Mex cuisine, comes first on my list. I enjoy burritos, but the ones I’ve eaten have either been overstuffed or overly soggy. We all merely desire a burrito of the ideal size, filled with mouthwatering components. The flawless harmony of Oliva’s Breakfast Burrito signals that the morning will be fantastic!

Greek Farmer’s Salad & Pasta Pomodoro with Feta Cheese

Are you a vegetarian? Then you’ll enjoy these options. Get Greek Farmer’s Salad, a good balance of carbohydrates, protein, and fat, if you want your salad to be a substantial meal rather than a side or beginning. It’s filling, delicious, and light.

Would you rather have pasta? Enjoy a plate of Pasta Pomodoro with Feta Cheese. The flavours of that pomodoro sauce and overall pasta taste will appeal to you even if you are not a vegetarian. Don’t be afraid to try Oliva Bistro Cafe’s vegetarian choices.

Quesadilla Burger and Fish Taco

Would you like some sandwiches? Delicious filling options are available at Oliva Bistro Cafe and are ideal for lunch, dinner, or a snack. The fish taco and quesadilla burger are excellent for sharing. Yet, I’ll be honest and say that after just one taste, you’ll think twice before sharing it with someone else. Even though those fish tacos are light, you’ll adore the flavour combination of the toppings. On the other hand, that quesadilla burger is a perfect substitute for a burger with buns since you can taste the juiciness of the meat mixed with the vegetables.

Chicken & Beef Kebab Combination and Butter Chicken Masala Spicy

I usually got their Chicken Souvlaki or their Beef Kebab when we went for lunch or supper. Both are exceptionally tender, and all the spices are present. Now, with their Chicken & Beef Kebab Combination, you may enjoy the finest of both flavours. I assure you that you will love every bite. Moreover, try their Butter Chicken Masala if you want a little kick. It’s the flavorful, buttery variety of spicy. Even someone like me, who cannot tolerate spicy cuisine, liked this.

Chicken Teriyaki

Do you favour Asian flavours over those from the Mediterranean/Indian Specialties? Not to worry. You may take things slowly and savour the Chicken Teriyaki at Oliva Bistro Café. This traditional Chicken Teriyaki, glazed in a delicious sauce, is juicy and tender!

Baked Seafood Rice

Do you yearn for Western flavours? Choose the Baked Seafood Rice! It’s baked and contains rice, shrimp, and cheese. What else is there to ask for? It’s the complete meal that everyone deserves!

Cucumber Mint Lemon and Mixed Berry Smoothie

Of course, these delectable foods need to be accompanied by drinks. Iced tea, juice, coffee, and beers are all offered at Oliva Bistro Café. But my abuelita (grandmother) and I would always order these two drinks. The Mixed Berry Smoothie is my abuelita’s favourite, while my favourite is the Cucumber Mint Lemon. They complement the menu of Oliva Bistro Café perfectly and are both refreshing.

There you have it, then! All of these are my recommendations. Nonetheless, you can choose whichever one appeals to you the most. Happy eating!

Oliva Bistro Cafe

Rating: 10 out of 10.

Unit 101, 77 Visayas Ave, Quezon City

Open daily from 10 am – 10 pm
7001-1676 | 0917-551-8890


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