Try Hanamaruken PH’s New Mabo Dofu Donburi, Spicy Nanban Karaage & More

I recently went to Trinoma to try Hanamaruken Ramen Philippines’ new flavor, Mabo Dofu Donburi. This new flavour consists of silken tofu cubes covered in a fiery, delicious sauce. It is topped with red pepper flakes, spring onions, fried leeks, and minced pork over steaming rice.

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It sounds so delicious, right? I’ll be honest, though. I only eat tofu when it is in the form of taho. One of the ingredients in taho is tofu, more specifically, silken tofu. And this traditional sweet snack also has sago or tapioca pearls and a light brown sugar syrup. My taste buds like the entire concoction a lot.

However, I wanted something different, so I tried their Mabo Dofu Donburi.

Mabo Dofu Donburi
Coated silky tofu cubes in spicy aromatic sauce and ground pork topped with spring onion, fried leeks and shredded red pepper over steamed rice.

Hanamaruken Ramen Philippines’ Mabo Dofu Donburi

As previously stated, you will 100% receive what you just read and saw in my images. I relished every bite of those smooth, flavorful tofu cubes. Also, the spicy, fragrant sauce isn’t overpowering. It has a great flavor and is quite delicious. You should try this bowl of mabo dofu. I enjoyed it with a plate of Hanamaruken’s Spicy Nanban Karaage, which was also excellent. It consists of a special spicy chicken karaage with miso glaze, tartare sauce, and prawn chips.

Also in the menu:

In addition to its rice bowls, Hanamaruken Ramen also offers a wide variety of other delectable menu items, such as ramen and sushi. Try the ramen at Hanamaruken while you’re there!

We sampled their tonkotsu ramen and kakuni aburi sushi. Pork bone soup, pulled spare rib, naruto, kikurage, and onion leeks are added to tonkotsu ramen. The is hearty and flavourful.

For the sushi, we decided to get sushi off the bestseller list. Why? Well, based on their meals, we can safely say that all of their food is delectable. We weren’t let down! We like the kakuni aburi sushi a lot! You should try this, too!

Whether you’re having lunch or dinner, stop by Hanamaruken Ramen and taste their Mabo Dofu Donburi! As previously mentioned, this branch is in Trinoma, and it is in a nice location close to the garden and fountain. You’ll be thrilled to see how straightforward and intricate their inside is. You’ll experience a sense of displacement from Trinoma. Check out my video on my Facebook and Instagram pages to view it for yourself. It is spacious, well-ventilated, and well-lit with soft light.

Happy eating!

Hanamaruken Ramen
2/F Trinoma Mall North Avenue, Cor Mindanao Avenue, Quezon City

Rating: 10 out of 10.

📍The Grove
📍Santolan Town Plaza
☎️ 0917 589 4547


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