Shakey’s Thin Crust Pizza – Belly Buster & Pepperoni Crrrunch Will Tempt Your Taste Buds

Do you share my desire to enjoy the pizza toppings to the fullest? The ideal crust is thin. The crispy, thin crust of a properly baked pizza will allow you to savour the dish’s delectable toppings. Shakey’s Thin Crust is the best choice, I promise!

Since I haven’t eaten out in a while because delivery is my way of life, I’ll start by indulging in my favourite comfort food at the nearest Shakey’s! 🙂

Belly Buster & Pepperoni Crrrunch

My Ninong and I went to Shakey’s, and we both had their thin-crust Belly Buster & Pepperoni Crrrunch pizza. Both are really good especially the Belly Buster! We usually order Manager’s Choice, Truffle Greens Pizza or Shakey’s Special. If you have a go-to flavour, give Belly Buster & Pepperoni Crrrunch pizza a try.

What makes these Shakey’s thin-crust pizzas so good, then?

Watch the full video here: Clari Says (@clarisays) • Instagram photos and videos

This wouldn’t be called Belly Buster if it’s not packed with great flavours! In fact, it has 11 toppings: beef, Italian sausage, pepperoni, ham, salami, salami bits, mushrooms, red & green bell pepper, onions, black olives and cheddar cheese.

Their Pepperoni Crrunch pizza, on the other hand, is especially unique and they don’t skimp on the CHEESE. It is loaded with crunchy, crackling US potato strings combined with only the purest mozzarella cheese, and stuffed with mouthwatering Pepperoni pieces!

And because both have THIN CRUST, you can enjoy the pizza flavours more. Make sure to try these out! Also, we enjoyed The Baaad Burger and R&B Milk Tea w/ Brown Sugar Pearl & Cheese Brulee.

Burger & Milk Tea

If you love burgers, make sure to sample The Baaad Burger. We’ve tried the Goood Burger before and the meat-free, guilt-free Goood Burger was a delight. The Baaad Burger isn’t all that horrible. It’s just a name 🙂 The ingredients include an Angus beef patty, a potato bun, two slices of cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, cucumber, white onion, thousand island dressing, and catsup. It is delicious.

I was interested in trying the plant-based beverage, but it wasn’t available. I’ll give it a shot the next time. The Brown Sugar Pearl & Cheese Brulee R&B Milk Tea is ok. It consists of their famous chewy tapioca pearls, black oolong tea, brown sugar syrup, milk tea creamer, and them. Let me assure you that it is chewy. Overall, I enjoyed the drink.

Make sure you give these a try as well! You can place a delivery order through the Shakey’s Super App or go out and enjoy Shakey’s THIN CRUST Pizza with your loved ones. 🙂

Happy eating!


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