Are Your Holiday Drinks Ready? Bundaberg Guava & Remedy Peach Kombucha Are Perfect!

This year, we’ll host a family reunion in our home. I started putting together the items we’ll need for Noche Buena and Christmas as early as December 1. To keep track of my spending, I typically order things online. We need to budget carefully because life is difficult these days.

Anyway, I’m relieved that everything is ready, including the main course, desserts and drinks. We have plenty of water and, of course, appropriate drinks. I went with a sparkling fruit beverage!

We have the Bundaberg Guava-flavoured sparkling fruit drink. If you enjoy guava, you’ll enjoy the real guava flavour that this authentically brewed beverage delivers. Bundaberg Guava is a delightful, sweet treat with an amazing aroma; be sure to smell it before you sip. It is handcrafted over two days using real fruit.

For my guests, I also prepared another non-alcoholic beverage. Remedy Kombucha Peach has a pleasant summery flavour. However, I believe that a deliciously healthy kombucha concoction with a real, ripe peach is luscious, fizzy, and refreshing. It’s ideal for the time of year.

How about you? How will you be celebrating Noche Buena and Media Noche? Would you like to add these drinks, too? The best place to purchase these beverages or other varieties for your gathering is through Gourmet Direct Philippines.

Gourmet Direct Philippines is an online gourmet grocery service in Metro Manila that offers premium milk, cheese, oils, meats, and other specialty food items. They sell the yogurt I use with my oatmeal as well. Visit their website to shop and their social media to view the schedule of their upcoming holidays.

Merry Christmas!

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