Share These Holiday Cakes & Assorted Ensaimadas by Red Ribbon Bakeshop With the Family

All of us have experienced a lot over the past few years. I believe that we all have a right to happiness and to recognize our achievements. Bring the family together, enjoy your favourite Filipino cuisine, and don’t forget to indulge in a decadent dessert.

A moist chocolate cake with chocolate icing and candies on top would be adored by children. However, classic treats like a Black Forest Cake with Maraschino cherries on top or the classic Pinoy ensaimada would be loved by kids at heart.

These are the things my family likes. Therefore, I have prepared what we all enjoy and something extra for Christmas. They won’t expect this lovely holiday cake, a White Forest Cake, from me. The layers of white chiffon and cherry-cream filling topped with white chocolate twirls, smooth icing, and sweet Maraschino cherries will be to their taste.

I am so excited to have everyone together for Christmas! Order your desserts now and go grocery shopping. Red Ribbon Bakeshop helps to simplify things for you. Your favourite items can be ordered via:

📲 Red Ribbon App:
📞 #87777
🛵 APPS: GrabFood and Foodpanda

Happy holidays!


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