Holiday Hams From Mommy Loida Foods are Now Available

Continue to support your local, especially during the holiday season. Have you ever heard of Mommy Loida Foods? They opened on August 12th of this year and offer a variety of fried and grilled Pinoy favourites and more in Old Balara, Quezon City.

This holiday season Mommy Loida is eager to share their Holiday Hams for Noche Buena with you!

Noche Buena refers to Christmas Eve. For Filipinos, this is a very memorable night because it is the time when family and very close friends come together to eat a very special Christmas dinner. This frequently happens after hearing the late-night Christmas Eve liturgy known as Misa de Gallo. And ham is at the heart of that special supper.

However, there are numerous varieties of ham on the market. This is actually beneficial because you may select the ham that is best for you and your family. During Noche Buena, we always serve Chinese ham because it’s my abuelito and abuelita’s favourite. If we have visitors on that special evening, we’ll include another one or a Jamon De Bola for everyone to enjoy.

Thank goodness Mommy Loida Foods, the home of delectable Filipino marinated meat products, has a variety of ham options!

  • Pear Shape Ham
  • Jamon De Bola
  • Thanksgiving Ham
  • Chinese Ham

Are you planning your Noche Buena or looking for delectable hams to give as gifts? Then pay a visit to Mommy Loida Foods. Find Mommy Loida Foods at Blk 2 Lot 5 Samadores Compound Area 2 Luzon Avenue Brgy Old Balara Quezon City. | Store Contact number: 0917-628 2298

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