Netflix’s Troll (2022) Quick Review

Once upon a time, there was a troll wedding. Thirteen Drunk trolls forgot what time it was, the sun came up and turned them to stone.

Deep in the Dovre mountain, something gigantic wakes up after a thousand years in captivity. The creature destroys everything in its path and quickly approaches Oslo.

Troll (2022)

The Review

Troll (2022) piqued my interest as soon as I viewed the trailer. So I hit play as soon as it was available on Netflix. With all the monster movies out there, Troll (2022) had some recognisable elements. But those were not enough for the film to be regarded as a copycat. In truth, the creature feature from director Roar Uthaug is novel, engaging, and fascinating.

I don’t know what other people think of the drama parts, subdued humour, and action scenes, but I like them. As far as I can tell, they are not trying to be a monster movie that focuses on comedy, drama, or action. They made a well-balanced film offering an excellent introduction to Norwegian folklore.

But I genuinely believe that Troll (2022) was supposed to be seen on a large screen. Use a Bluetooth speaker to experience the movie thoroughly. *That is if you’re using a smartphone, tablet or laptop. IMDb 8/10

A Sequel?

A sequel is feasible based on the conversation between Nora and my favourite character, Andreas, as well as the post-credit scene. Honestly, I’m quite interested in Norwegian folklore. So I’m hoping for a sequel, but I don’t want it to be like the other monster movies we’ve seen. I want Troll (2022) to maintain their current balance while yet not playing it too safe.

For now, let’s wait for the announcement. 🙂


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