Let’s Celebrate: Nine Years of ClariSays.com and 10+ Years of Blogging

November 19 is a significant date for me. My name is Clari, and today is my birthday. I run a blog in addition to my day job. Since 2010, I’ve been blogging, however, a mishap forced me to start a new blog on a different platform.

Clarisays.com was launched on November 19, 2013, as a result. Yes, my blog’s anniversary is today as well!

You might wonder how many subscribers I have considering how long I’ve been active. When people learn that I am a blogger, they frequently ask me this. I then go on to explain to them that I blog, have a website where I write film and food features, and occasionally I just write about whatever interests me even if it doesn’t fall under those two categories. However, I also produce different kinds of online material, like videos that I publish on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

I’m quite proud of my creation. Although I don’t mind the numbers now, I once did. But I ultimately understood my motivation. I started a blog as an outlet and a way to challenge my introverted nature to attempt new things.

Gaining friends and followers is the icing on the cake. A benefit is also being invited to events. But because I can’t change myself, I don’t always go out. However, I value every person I encounter on those occasions.

Thank you if you’re a follower and we connected online or if we ran into each other at those gatherings.

Speaking of cake, I’ve got a gorgeous cake for this celebration. November is a special month for me because it’s when I celebrate my birthday, the anniversary of my blog, and when I first met my sweet cat Salem (sweetcatsalem on FB and IG). It is a new version of Red Ribbon’s Chocolate Dedication Cake that has more chocolate and candy.

In addition to the above query, I frequently am asked how to become a content creator. I’m not sure about the answer, but

There are various types of content creators. We also have bloggers who write, photograph, and film videos. We have microbloggers who publish short pieces of content on their social media platforms.

It’s entirely up to you to explore each one. Whatever the topic, consider the quality and what you want. Don’t always go with the flow. Although everybody can follow trends, not everyone should. Consider your interests to prevent “Creator Burnout” or “Social Media Burnout” while growing your platform.

Set a tempo for yourself that is comfortable. Enjoy each stage as well. Also, I hope that both of our aspirations come true. Cheers!


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