Macao Imperial’s New Smoochee Series includes Lavender Raspberry and other flavours

Without a doubt, Macao Imperial serves delicious milk teas. However, they have been expanding their non-tea menu. On September 1, Macao Imperial Tea introduced a new series ideal for those who want to branch out from their usual order. And if they like fruits, this series is best suited for them.

Nothing beats a little cheesy goodness like the new Smoochee series from Macao Imperial Tea Philippines! It is available in six different flavours:

  • Mango Smoochee
  • Mango Banana Smoochee
  • Mango Cheese Smoochee
  • Greek Banana Smoochee
  • Lavender Raspberry Smoochee
  • Strawberry Smoochee

Macao Imperial ensures it’s sweet, creamy, and cheesy whatever flavour you prefer. Also, look at those cheese caps perched on top of each drink. Swirl those thick, foamy, drinkable cheese caps together and enjoy the flavours.

In fact, I had the opportunity to sample three of them: Greek Banana Smoochee, Mango Cheese Smoochee, and Lavender Raspberry Smoochee. At first, I worried that the flavours, such as Greek Banana and Lavender Raspberry, would be too strong. However, upon trying, all three were distinct and tasty.

My personal favourite is the Lavender Raspberry Smoochee. There is a slight floral twist and sweet taste that complements the Raspberry perfectly. Again, shake or simply twirl the cheese cap to combine all the deliciousness.

The Smoochee Series are available at all Macao Imperial Tea locations nationwide. You can also order online at:

Happy drinking!

Greek Banana Smoochee
Mango Cheese Smoochee
Lavender Raspberry Smoochee

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