Chocolate Heaven Cake: This is Red Ribbon’s New Premium Creation

Red Ribbon’s most recent creation will give you a taste of heaven. Simply put, their best chocolate cake is Chocolate Heaven.

You must try this cake if you don’t know what makes an excellent chocolate cake. From its moist chocolate fudge cake, creamy chocolate frosting, and rich chocolate ganache to its delectable chocolate drizzle, Chocolate Heaven is crafted with layers of premium chocolate.


Chocolate Heaven Cake

Red Ribbon Bakeshop

Have a taste of heaven with this latest creation, the NEW Red Ribbon Chocolate Heaven!

September is both my Abuelita’s birthday and the anniversary of my Abuelito’s passing, so I’ve had a challenging week. Not to mention Grandparents Day is coming. Birthdays, anniversaries, and Grandparents Day used to be celebrated in restaurants or at home with delicious meals and a beautiful cake. Our preference is always a cake from Red Ribbon. The bakeshop may be said to have always been a part of our life.

But it’s all right. We did enjoy our time together, no regrets. Because of this, I encourage you to celebrate special occasions. You never know when it would be the final time you share happy memories and celebrate them.

In addition to a delicious meal, be sure to bring something sweet. A beautiful addition to the table is this Chocolate Heaven Cake. The layers of luscious fudgy cake and premium chocolate will appeal to both children and adults.

Let’s examine the cake more closely.

Chocolate Heaven Cake

Red Ribbon’s Chocolate Heaven Cake is now available in selected Red Ribbon stores in Metro Manila and South Luzon. You can ORDER via the following channels.

Happy eating!


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