Texas-Style Pulled Pork, Tacos & More at Gatong, a Backyard BBQ Joint in Quezon City

Last May 2022, I featured a backyard BBQ joint located in the projects of Quezon City.

Despite having simply an online store and a few pop-up locations at first, they now feature a small dine-in space. Gatong’s famous Pulled Pork Slider, Carnitas de Sisig Rice Bowl, Sticky Liempo Rice Bowl, and their Fil-Mex Tacos, Carnitas de Sisig and Inasal Quesadilla are all available for you to savour while you hang out at their backyard at 42 Dalsol Road, Quezon City.

Going back to my story. Gatong released a five-taco tray containing their best-selling Pulled Pork last May.


Pulled Pork Tacos

by Gatong

Grill • Smoke • BBQ

It isn’t called the best-selling Pulled Pork for nothing. It was my first time trying it, which I sampled in a taco. Let me tell you, it’s very delicious. The pork was succulent and tender. There was also a hint of smoked tinapa, which tied everything together. Also, the sauce that I poured over the tacos is delicious. Although it isn’t intense, it does help to balance the flavour of the Pulled Pork Tacos.

Having tasted it, I was eager to try their newest offering. And the wait is over because Gatong has unveiled TWO kinds of their brand-new HOT BOX THIS month (September 2022).


All- New HOT BOX

by Gatong

Hot Box A = Carnitas de Sisig Tacos and Smash Burger | Hot Box B = Chicken Burger and Okra Poppers

Hot Box A contains Carnitas de Sisig Tacos and Smash Burger for Php 300. To be honest, it seems delicious but I’ll try it next time. I did, however, tried their Hot Box B, and I was pleased.

The Hot Box B includes their hotly anticipated Chicken Burger and okra poppers with Rojo sauce in one affordable Hot Box that costs Php 250.

With the okra poppers dipped in the Rojo Sauce, a special recipe of Gatong, you can taste the combination of flavours with a gentle kick of spice. And you’ll experience how juicy and tasty that enormous chicken burger is when you bite into it. With a chicken fillet that large, they didn’t skimp on the sauce either. Appetite satisfied!

By the way, each item in this Hot Box can be ordered separately.
Php 30 for okra poppers
Php 225 for the Chicken Burger

These Hot Boxes are a special offer. Don’t miss it! Order now by messaging their Instagram and Facebook pages.

Happy eating!


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