Must-Try: Mr. Dagupeño, Inihaw na Boneless Bangus at Iba Pa!

My Pangsinan-born grandmother would create a variety of dishes using Dagupan bangus as the primary ingredient. I thoroughly enjoyed all of her dishes, including the Dinengdeng with Fried Bangus. She would also occasionally grill Dagupan bangus the classic way.

Dagupan Bangus is certainly versatile. However, I recently discovered that you can do even more, such as developing new flavours.

Mr. Dagupeño

I’d like to introduce you to Mr. Dagupeño. Husband and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Eric and Katherine Montoya, founded Mr. Dagupeño in 2016. Though they currently reside in Rizal, the owners are from the City of Dagupan, which produces the best Dagupan bangus. Together they dreamed of starting a business and came up with ideas for products that Filipinos would be familiar with.

Thus, Mr. Dagupeño was born and offers Dagupan bangus, the pride of Pangasinan, which is wonderful and savoury. But at Mr. Dagupeño, their inihaw na bangus is with a twist giving their customers a variety of flavours to enjoy.

In its quest to become the top bangus take-out kiosk in the nation, the shop serves the traditional inihaw na boneless bangus: Classic Sibuyas Kamatis, Bangus ala Pobre, Bangus Bistek, Bangus sa Gata and Bangus Inasal as well as other mouthwatering bangus specialties like Cheesy Baked Bangus. Plus, they also have Solo Meals, frozen goods and sawsawan.


Mr. Dagupeño

Inihaw na boneless bangus

Tikman ang Inihaw na boneless bangus ni Mr. Dagupeno! Kapag natikman, siguradong babalikan!

I’m sharing three products I tried which I got from their Pasong Tamo Quezon City branch.

First, be informed that Mr. Dagupeno is a take-out kiosk, which is ideally suited to the state of the world right now. You can get delectable meals from this shop if you’re still too afraid to be outside for an extended period. You can check your foodpanda or GrabFood app and place an order, or you can go to the nearest branch.

They cook to order, which is something I appreciate. This indicates that you can watch them prepare the bangus in front of you. Moreover, they will show you that the fish was thoroughly cooked before the toppings were added (based in my experience).

Now onto the food!

Bangus ala Pobre

This is their Bangus ala Pobre. Look at the size and the inside. They have an ample amount of ala Pobre sauce which is very flavourful, especially with the combination of fried garlic and onions.

I really liked this one. The onions must be the cause of the modest spiciness kick. However, I don’t mind because it tastes great. The variety of flavours pairs best with white rice, but garlic rice is even better!

Pinaputok na Boneless Bangus

Next it the Pinaputok na Boneless Bangus. This one has ensaladang kamatis (tomato salad, I think), sibuyas (onions) and itlog maalat (salted egg). This is another flavourful fish.

This one, in my opinion, goes nicely with garlic rice. I also observed that their bangus is fragrant and flavourful even without the toppings. That is just so lovely. There will therefore be more deliciousness evident when you bite into it.

Solo Meal – Classic

Last is the Classic Rice Meal. For 99 Pesos, you get this delicious Classic Bangus.

You’re aware of the adage “nothing beats a classic”? Even in food, that is accurate. This one is really delicious. A flavorful fish with straightforward excellent toppings makes a big impression.

Do you want to give Mr. Dagupeño a try? You should!

But which one do I recommend? The Bangus ala Pobre was my favorite out of the three, although I liked them all. I thus suggest that you visit their shop and try the other flavours or get what I did. You can also visit their pages using the links I’ve provided at the bottom of the page. Check the closest branch if you have foodpanda or GrabFood.

As mentioned, Mr. Dagupeño offers a variety of inihaw na boneless bangus. Having tried three, I think their other selections won’t let you down.

The Mr. Dagupeo branch I went to is the one closest to where I reside. This is in Unit 1 317 Himlayan Rd. Pasong Tamo, Quezon City. This branch’s female staffer is a pleasant and friendly person. You can ask her for recommendations.

You can call them at 0945 503 5895. They are available on Foodpanda and GrabFood. But you can also find Mr. Dagupeño in many areas of Rizal, Metro Manila, Laguna, Cavite, and North Luzon. There will be more branches opening soon!

This September, Mr. Dagupeño will launch its 50th branch. This is a fantastic chance to start your business if you’re thinking about doing so. You can reach them using the information below.

Happy eating and always support your lokal!


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