Thoughts on The Sandman (2022) Season 1 + Bonus Episode

I once believed that as soon as I get a job, I can buy whatever book I desire. I was mistaken. But one can dream, right? That is why I enjoy literary adaptations.

A literary adaptation is the transformation of a written work into a different genre or format, such as a movie, stage production, or even a computer game. The opportunity to view the stories on a large screen or even on television, in my case a laptop, is a dream come true.

The Sandman Season 1

I was pleased to see Netflix’s The Sandman’s debut last August 5, 2022, which included a bonus episode that debuted on August 19. Based on Neil Gaiman’s 1989–1996 DC Comics comic book of the same name, The Sandman is a fantasy drama television series. Critics gave the show mostly favourable reviews and praised the casting, production design, costumes, and fidelity to the original material.

I haven’t had a chance to read it, but I’m happy with the production. The first season is crucial. Since not everyone had the opportunity to read the original material, you can play it safe. Both your current audience and potential new ones must be pleased. I was. I also read that the fans were content.

The setting and plot of The Sandman: Season 1 (2022) are fascinating. They know what they want to present so that viewers who haven’t read the comic book, like me, don’t feel left out. Furthermore, the set design and art direction are excellent. I believe they did a fantastic job casting not only Dream (Morpheus) but also the other roles. I think that 10 episodes are sufficient to get to know and comprehend the characters. I’m hoping for a season two soon.

Everyone was shocked when Netflix released a bonus episode on August 19th, even though Netflix hasn’t officially announced that there will be a season two. In addition, I saw Ghostbusters: Afterlife released on that day, which greatly astonished me. And of course, I was happy!

Bonus Episode

A Dream of a Thousand Cats/Calliope is the title of The Sandman: Season 1, Episode 11. Yes, there are two stories, and the episode lasts 64 minutes including credits. These two were pretty different, so I had to do some research. Not that I didn’t enjoy it, though.

As it turns out, two stories that were particularly beloved by the audience were adapted for Episode 11. The story “A Dream of a Thousand Cats” follows a kitten to her first meeting with other cats and was initially published in The Sandman #18 in 1990. There, she and the others listen to an old cat known as the Prophet as she shares a revelation with her audience that she received from the Cat of Dreams.

It’s extremely lovely! For this narrative, Netflix used cutting-edge animation methods. It was wonderful the entire time. Additionally, while I watch it, I can’t help but embrace my @sweetcatsalem. I even muttered to my cat that if she ever gives birth, I will never hurt her or the kittens.

“I felt them, from afar, in the dark, as the cold water took them. Felt them thrash and claw sightlessly. Felt them call to me in their fear. And then… they were gone.”

Siamese Cat, The Prophet

Now “Calliope,” which first appeared in The Sandman #17 in 1990 is a morality story about people who dabble in a field that is not intended for them. It centres on author Richard Madoc, who struggles with writer’s block. Madoc buys Calliope, the youngest muses from Greek mythology, from an older writer out of desperation. Madoc abuses Calliope despite her protests and benefits from the inspiration she offers, but Morpheus arrived at night when he hears her cries.

I’m not precisely sure of the chronology, but it’s possible that Dream heard her call while he was repairing The Dreaming. Maybe it was during the earthquakes based on what Calliope said to Morpheus.

“You have changed, Oneiros. In the old days, you would’ve left me here to rot without turning a hair.”

Calliope said to Morpheus

Dream did change. And it’s the best episode to wrap up Season 1. This heightened my anticipation for Season 2. Sincerely, I like how The Sandman alters its motion. Really, anything should be expected. It’s intriguing and enigmatic. *Bonus Episode 10/10


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