Meet Chicken United, a Burp Central Concept

Have you heard of or placed an order with Burp Central? Two brands are featured on Fiesta To Go and Chicken United. They exclusively offer take-out and pickup options, and they have three cloud kitchens in the cities of Mandaluyong, Quezon, and Marikina.

Let’s concentrate on the one I tried in this post, Chicken United!

Assemble your loved ones or close pals since the newest chick in town serves specially crafted sauces. I mean, really! You must let them know about this delectable news.

You all are probably familiar with the chicken burgers and chicken wings that aren’t simply a fad but rather a staple. These have just gotten better thanks to Burp Central’s Chicken United concept. Even if the flavours in Chicken United are familiar, you wouldn’t anticipate them in a product of this nature. Are you ready?


Chicken United

by Burp Central

New chix in town with uniquely curated sauces

Burgers, Crispy Fried Chicken, and Sauced Up Fried Chicken are all available at Chicken United. Also available are sides and dips. Chicken United Burgers are made with their signature chicken fillet coated in their curated sauces and layered with greens in a soft brioche bun. The Crispy Fried Chicken is their signature dish with their specially curated sauces on the side. The Sauced Up Fried Chicken, on the other hand, is their signature dish coated with their specially curated sauces. For both options, you can select from wings or fillets which are available in packs of 6 or 12.

I had the opportunity to sample four of Chicken United’s offerings. The Curry Chicken Burger is first on the menu.

Curry Chicken Burger

Take a look at that burger. It is not only big but also densely packed. It features Chicken United’s signature chicken fillet with greens and their signature Bradford Curry Mayo poured on top. What I enjoy about this burger is that it has the proper amount of curry sauce.

Curry has a distinct flavour and aroma, and its flavour is sometimes described as earthy. All these are present in this burger, yet it does not overpower. This is best eaten immediately. If you must save it for later, I propose splitting the burger in half and air-frying it for 5 minutes at 160 degrees. You’re welcome! 🙂 (Php 175)

Honey Garlic Kimchi Chicken Burger

Yes, this one is also quite big. And when you bite into it, you’ll taste that crispy glazed thigh fillet with mild spicy mayo and kimchi slaw, and that soft brioche bun. I have to say that the soft brioche bun they use for their burgers is delicious.

If you need to set the burger aside for a bit, cut it in half and air-fry it. The soft brioche bread, as well as the fillet, get crunchier. As a result, when you consume the burger, it becomes even more delectable. (Php 225)

Let’s get to their fried chicken. As previously said, there are two choices: crispy and sauced up. I was able to sample one of each.

Dinakdakan Chicken

The Dinakdakan is one of their bestsellers. Dinakdakan is a Filipino appetizer dish that originated in the Ilocos Region. This Pinoy favourite is made up of boiled and grilled pig parts – ears, liver, and face or mascara. The stomach and intestines can be used, too. It resembles sisig except that the components in this dish are not thoroughly minced.

Filipinos are well aware of how great this iconic meal is. But in chicken? How? Chicken United has your back.

They captured the essence of Sisig’s cousin in a sauce. Furthermore, their Dinakdakan Chicken is flavourful, so when you dip it in this sauce, you’ll get a potpourri of flavours.

Dinakdakan 6 pcs/Php 229, 12 pcs/Php 429

Chicken United Crispy Fried Chicken also has Bradford Curry, Drunk BBQ, Korean Gochujang, New York Buffalo, Honey Sriracha and the newest one Pineapple Spice.

Osaka Takoyaki

We now have Osaka Takoyaki for the Sauced Up Fried Chicken category. I know, right? Chicken? Takoyaki? Yes, it is possible, and it is also good. Well, Chicken United’s creation is.

Inspired by Japan’s Takoyaki capital, Osaka, their version of Takoyaki-flavored fried chicken is fantastic. Not only is the flavour delicious, but there are bonito flakes and mayo on top, just like those ball-shaped Japanese snacks. Oh, and if you air-fry them, the flavours seep out, making the chicken crispier and juicier. That’s when you know they’ve properly!

Osaka Takoyaki 6 pcs/Php 219, 12 pcs/Php 419

The Dinakdakan is the same way. You can also air fry it. yummy!

In addition to Osaka Takoyaki, they also serve Garlic Parmesan. Both are available in boxes of six or twelve.

It’s clear how much I appreciated the Chicken United dishes I sampled. If I were to recommend something, I’d say get all of these. The Curry Chicken and Kimchi Chicken Burgers, as well as the Dinakdakan and Osaka Takoyaki, were all delicious. They’re one-of-a-kind, but most importantly, tasty.

Check out the other items from Chicken United at At the time of writing, they were running a Buy 1 Get 1 Free promotion. Follow them on social media to ensure you don’t miss out on new menu items or promotions.

Happy eating!


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