Komida Foods: Healthy Eating Everyday

One day, the Komida Foods Instagram account popped into my feed. Komida, which in Chavacano, one of the dialects spoken in Zamboanga, means food, so as soon as I saw it, I concluded, “The owner must be from Zamboanga.” If you follow me, you may have seen that I’ve mentioned that we speak the dialect at home, especially while my abuelito and abuelita were still among the living.

I didn’t give it much thought. But little did I know that information will come in handy.

Anyway, I haven’t been monitoring my health ever since the pandemic and many other unpleasant incidents. I have asthma in addition to hypothyroidism, which makes me lethargic and fatigued. I must therefore be cautious about what I eat and do. As a result, I always have oatmeal on hand along with other snacks like granola and dark chocolate, which I occasionally mix with the oatmeal.

I shop at this store in QC which offers a range of all-natural, GMO-free, healthy, organic, and eco-friendly products. But now that the shop has closed, I tried shopping at grocery stores which can be very pricey. So I consequently stopped purchasing what I needed and just focused on what we needed at home. It’s a good thing I stumbled upon a friend’s post.

Komida Foods

One of the owners of Komida Foods is Hidilyn Diaz. Weightlifter and airwoman Hidilyn Francisco Diaz-Naranjo is the first Filipino to ever win an Olympic gold medal for the Philippines. She is passionate about the healthy food venture she founded with her business partner.

And guess where she was born? She’s from Zamboanga City, Philippines. So I was right with my earlier assumption.

Her personal battle to eat healthily, maintain competitive shape, and live within her means in 2016 served as inspiration for this. Being a national athlete and joined in the army reserves only entitles them to a meagre 6,000 per month, making it nearly hard for them to maintain balanced diet.

Komida Foods is dedicated to making it easier for people to enjoy healthy snacks. All of their food products are functionally designed to meet the needs of their clients. Komida Foods has you covered whether it’s for athletic performance, rehabilitation, nutrient-dense food sources, a healthy lifestyle, dietary restrictions, or general wellness.


Komida Foods

Making eating healthy, easy, everyday

All your healthy snacking needs from A-Z

Komida Foods offers Lifestyle Snacks (Php60/pack) which has nine choices, Performance Bars (Php60/pack) which has five types and Boost You (Php65/pack) which has five flavours. And these are what I tried!

Let’s start with their Lifestyle Snacks.

Lifestyle Snacks

I got the Tropical Muesli and Apple Pie Granola from among the nine Lifestyle Snacks options available. Rolled oats, agave, dried pineapple, dried papaya, dried mango, coconut, pumpkin seed, sunflower seed, flax, and chia are all in the Tropical Muesli variant.

The Apple Pie Granola, on the other hand, has rolled oats, dark chocolate, raisins, almonds, biscuit, coco sugar, coconut oil, flax seed, dried apple, honey, vanilla and salt. Do you notice any similarities between these two?

As they both contain breakfast cereal and granola, I decided to top my oatmeal with Komida Foods Tropical Muesli and Apple Pie Granola. I also skipped adding sugar or honey to my oatmeal because these two already had something sweet. It tastes delicious. Yogurt can be added if desired. However, I believe I already had everything I required after combining all of these.

Your go-to snack is Komida Foods Lifestyle Snack. It comes in a variety of flavours that are healthy and delicious. You can choose from Tropical Muesli, Cranberry Muesli, Maple Bacon Granola, Chocolate Granola, Coffee Granola, Apple Pie Granola, Bananarama Granola, Mountain Trail Mix and Honey Trail Mix.

Performance Bar

I have the Banana Bread variety of the Performance Bar, which is excellent for pre-and post-workout nutrition. It’s extremely good, I have to admit. If only banana bread was always this good!

Take a peek at this up-close photo. Delectable, no? They use flour, oats, ground beans, cocoa powder, dried banana, butterscotch, coconut sugar, nut butter, nuts, egg white, flax, vanilla, salt, and oil to make their Banana Bread Performance Bar.

The Performance Bars from Komida Foods are excellent pre-and post-workout. It enables you to increase your output and maximize your gains. Choose from the following: double chocolate, banana bread, mint chocolate chip, red velvet and vanilla cupcake.

Boost You

Do you require a little energy boost? You can perform well for a prolonged period of time in sports, workouts, or everyday activities thanks to Boost You protein cookies!

I sampled their Mandarin cacao and dark chocolate cookies. They are both flavorful and rich. Check out the pictures I took. They do appear to be little. However, each cookie is packed. During my break, I just consumed one or two pieces, yet I still had plenty of energy to continue writing articles and reports.

Flour, oats, ground coffee beans, cocoa powder, chocolate chips, coconut sugar, nut butter, nuts, raisins, egg white, flax, cocoa nibs, coffee, vanilla, salt, and oil are the ingredients used to make the dark chocolate.

Meanwhile, the Mandarin cacao is made from flour, oats, ground beans, chocolate chips, cocoa, orange, preserved orange, coffee, coco sugar, maple, flax, vanilla, salt, and oil.

Which one am I most fond of? Even though I love dark chocolate, I have to say that Mandarin cacao is rather distinctive because it also contains orange. But I genuinely loved both.

Boost You also has matcha, s’mores, espresso and maple caramel.

Komida Pure & Smart Snacks

Do you feel stressed out at work? How about this antioxidant-rich Komida Pure? It includes dark chocolate, cranberries, golden grains, cashews, peanuts, and almonds.

I’ve been writing numerous reports and articles for work. Although I should take a break, I don’t, which is incorrect. You need to take breaks to eat and rest if you want additional energy. You’ll have all the energy you need after a short while. You’ll be able to work more quickly.

Komida Pure is a good snack. But if you prefer seeds with a little sweetness, I recommend the Honey Trail nutrient-dense trail mix. It has peanuts, honey, coco sugar, egg white, salt, oil, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, cranberry, raisins, chocolate chips and flax. It’s very tasty.

Do you want to try these nutritious snacks? I firmly believe you ought to. You can choose from a variety of healthy snacks at Komida Foods. Think about it. What do you consume while on break? Is it nutritious and does it provide you with enough energy?

Go ahead and visit Komida Foods’ social media accounts to get to know them. And if you decide to buy, they are just a chat away.

Komida Foods | FacebookInstagram
📧 komida.foods@gmail.com
☎️ 09162731474

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