Must-Try! 182 Casa Lontoc All-Natural Vinegars

2018 was the year I first learned about 182 Casa Lontoc Rubs & Sauces. You see, I had a medical diagnosis a year before, which made me consider trying a certain diet. So I conducted an online search and discovered a store in Quezon City that offers a range of all-natural, GMO-free, healthy, organic, and eco-friendly products. I started going there.

When the shop turned one, they invited me as a blogger. I featured the shop on my blog and some items they gifted me; one of them was the All-Natural Mild Sinamak Homemade Spiced Vinegar, which quickly became a household favourite. That was in August 2018.

Because we enjoyed this one so much, I didn’t pay enough attention to their other items. But I just found out that they also have other goods that are worthwhile. Let me first give you a little introduction to 182 Casa Lontoc, in case you’re new to them.

Casa Lontoc Story

Sinamak is the flagship product of Casa Lontoc. From a backyard hobby, it has developed into a flourishing small business. And it all started with a Facebook post.

The Lontoc family, you see, like to eat and they enjoy sauces very much. In fact, sinamak was a go-to dipping sauce for the weekly family barbecues that they would enjoy. This is a result of their mother’s Iloilo native influence. In fact, Juan Carlos and his siblings would also make their own sauces, rubs, and dips.

Fast-forward to the time when Juan Carlos, a man with an IT background, wed his business-minded wife Anne. They started growing seedlings as a hobby. They began with many types and hues of chiles, mostly for

decoration and domestic use. Juan Carlos asked her if she wanted to sell vinegar one day because he knew someone who made distilled white vinegar. They established Royal ELMSS Food Corporation as a distribution business with a few of her friends.

However, everything changed that morning on April 14, 2016, when Anne made the decision to harvest some of the chiles they were growing to create sinamak for the family. She snapped a picture after she had bottled it and shared it on Facebook.

She was shocked to see how many of their friends wanted to place an order! And it quickly caught on like wildfire; before long, they were receiving orders even from strangers. They were told to trademark it and participate in bazaars to sell it.

In memory of how Juan Carlos and Anne met, as well as the numerous gatherings with friends who appreciated their sinamak, they chose the name 182 Casa Lontoc, which was the address of the house in which Juan Carlos grew up.

Just like that, everything fell in place! 🙂 Let me now share their products with you. They offer Sinamak or the Ilonggo spiced vinegar (mild and spicy), Sweet and Spicy Cane Vinegar, Spiced Tuba Vinegar, Spiced Iloco Vinegar, Chili Garlic and sugar-free Habanero Chili Garlic.

The Casa Lontoc Mild Sinamak is the one we love. I’m going to share with you my review of that one plus two more of their products.

To be fair, I prepared lumpiang toge, fried intestine, squid rings, and tawilis and sampled each dip with each dish. I also drank a little amount of each to compare them. Not to worry, I took a water break in between so I could thoroughly taste them.


All-Natural Vinegars

by 182 Casa Lontoc

182 Casa Lontoc is a Filipino sauce brand that creates products from family secret recipes and manufactures them to suit the Filipino palate.

All-Natural Mild Sinamak Homemade Spiced Vinegar

Casa Lontoc Mild Sinamak. Spiced vinegar made with farm-fresh ingredients. Mildly Spicy and full of flavour.

I have tried Casa Lontoc’s All-Natural Mild Sinamak Homemade Spiced Vinegar, as previously mentioned. This sawsawan, or dipping sauce, is a favourite among my family and me. Every time we eat silog dishes, BBQ, Lechon Kawali, Longganisa, Chicharon, and the like, we pour some Sinamak in a dipping bowl.

I’m actually someone who can’t handle spicy food and sauces well. But 182 Casa Lontoc’s Mild Sinamak is a combination of wonderful flavours with a light hint of spice. In fact, it pleases my palate. It doesn’t hurt my throat, which is the most significant factor. In the past, I’ve tried a number of spicy foods and sauces that are not at all appetizing. They simply irritated my throat.

All-Natural Spicy Sinamak Homemade Spiced Vinegar

Casa Lontoc Spicy Sinamak. Spiced vinegar made with farm-fresh ingredients. 2x Spice Spicy and full of flavour.

Okay, so this is the spicier variation of Casa Lontoc’s Sinamak Homemade Spiced Vinegar. The bottle makes it clear that it is a little bit spicy. Look at those chillies floating. Having said that, this one has a manageable amount of spiciness and is quite tasty. The dish I prepared went great with the dipping sauce.

However, the Mild version was not overtaken by the All-Natural Spicy Sinamak Homemade Spiced Vinegar. The Mild version is still my favourite. It is more flavorful and suits my taste perfectly.

All-Natural Sweet and Spicy Cane Vinegar

Sweet and Spicy Cane Vinegar is different from other vinegar due to its sweetness. It is made from sugarcane.

The sweetness of Casa Lontoc’s All-Natural Sweet and Spicy Cane Vinegar sets it apart from other vinegar. It is created from sugarcane and works well as a dipping sauce as well as a base for vinaigrette salad dressing.

I was shocked by this one when I tried it. I’ve never tasted cane vinegar with such a rich flavour. It complemented the fried finger snacks I had made rather nicely.

However, I think it would also go good with cucumbers. Additionally, you can make kilawing talaba using it.

These three 182 Casa Lontoc All-Natural Vinegars are flavorful and savoury, appealing to a variety of palates. All of them are excellent dipping sauces, but I think they are versatile. They can also be used for cooking which I will try soon. 🙂

But which one do I prefer? 182 Casa Lontoc’s All-Natural Sweet and Spicy Cane Vinegar is my new favourite. It has a well-balanced taste, which at first took me by surprise. But I enjoyed the medley of flavours therein. The All-Natural Mild Sinamak Homemade Spiced Vinegar comes in second and the All-Natural Spicy Sinamak Homemade Spiced Vinegar comes in last.

Would you also like to try these, too? These should be served at your Sunday family luncheons and weekend barbecues. Go visit the website and social media accounts of 182 Casa Lontoc. More goods are listed there. You can order through those channels.

182 Casa Lontoc

They are also available in Lazada!



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