Be Healthy with FitFood Manila Meal Plans & FitFood Grocer

FitFood Manila is probably a name you are familiar with. I’ll introduce them to you if not. Every day, while you are occupied with your own pursuits, their chefs, kitchen staff, and nutritionists are busy preparing delicious, calorie-counted meals specifically for you!

Customer health is FitFood Manila’s greatest passion. Among the meals plans they provide are the following:

  1. Fit Food
  2. Fit Food Plus
  3. Fit Food Keto
  4. Fit Heart

FitFood Manila

A weekly menu is provided by each of these programs. Once you’ve selected the plan that best suits your needs, FitFood Manila will then have your food delivered the day before. You receive three meals and two snacks each day for five days.

Day One

Day Two

Day Three

Day Four

Day Five

The food they prepared is delicious and the concept is incredibly practical. I’ve had the opportunity to try them before, and I was pleased because they met my needs.

You might now wonder if I’m a fitness enthusiast or a particularly fit individual. I’m the exact opposite. I do value health, of course. I shop at a particular store because I just so happen to have specific needs. But going shopping and making my own food was expensive and time-consuming sometimes. The FitFood Manila meal plans are excellent because they can be ordered via subscription or a one-time order.

FitFood Grocer

It is, in fact, incredibly flexible. When FitFood Manila opened their FitFood Grocer where you could get ready-to-eat, frozen healthy food alternatives, it became even more fantastic! This is ideal for me because I only occasionally need a meal plan to keep me on track while I’m working long hours.

What works best for me is having the option to purchase what I need and can share it with the family. Check out these FitFood Grocer items. They are actually quite tasty, nutritious, and perfect for sharing.

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