Now Open! Nakuyami Takoyaki – Hypermarket SM North EDSA

Where I am, it is Friday, and I have plans. Do you have any plans for tonight? Me? I’m staying in since I enjoy the coziness of my home and will keep watching my Netflix series. A lovely Japanese snack in the shape of a ball that I never imagined I would come to love is here to keep me company.

You may have read that I gave Takoyaki a chance if you regularly follow my blog. I’ve tried three different Takoyaki brands, and I really starting to enjoy the Japanese snack, especially with this latest brand.


Nakuyami Takoyaki

Hypermarket SM North EDSA

serves authentic and affordable Takoyaki

The most popular street food in Japan, which has its roots in Osaka, was introduced to us by LC Food & Distribution Corp. You may savour the delicate flavour of their version of genuine Takoyaki, which pairs beautifully with the palate of Filipinos.

Would you like to give them a try? They have branches in Hypermarket SM Bicutan and Las Piñas. But in June 2022, they opened a branch at Hypermarket in SM North EDSA.

QC peeps! Nakuyami Takoyaki currently have three varieties:

  • Regular: These are the balls filled with Kani. Each ball has the ideal amount of crabstick meat within, making it simple to bite into.
  • Special: Each of these balls contains a baby octopus which by the way is soft and not at all rubbery. I enjoyed this one.
  • Ebiyaki: Now these balls come with a quail egg and a shrimp inside, which is my favourite. The flavours blend wonderfully as you bite into it. The Ebiyaki is a must-try!

You can purchase à la carte, but why not share it and take advantage of their group deals? You will adore every flavour they have available, I can promise you of that.

Additionally, I observed that their takoyaki is a little larger than typical. They also keep their shape and have a soft, doughy texture. The batter they used is really good for it to be able to hold the filling and it’s delicious, too.

The sauces they have are also excellent. The three sauces—mayo, Tako, and hot sauce—are put in different containers. Therefore, when delivered, the Takoyakis won’t be drenched. Also, may I add? Both the mayo (white one) and the Tako sauce (darker one) have a great flavour. They are perfect!

So go ahead and avail of their group deals!

  • Barkada Size (Php349) – Inclusive of 6 pcs Regular, 6 pcs Special and 6 pcs Ebiyaki perfect for two to three people.
  • Family Size (Php449) – Inclusive of 8 pcs Regular, 8 pcs Special and 8 pcs Ebiyaki perfect for four to five people.
  • Party Size (Php899) – Inclusive of 16 pcs Regular, 16 pcs Special and 16 pcs Ebiyaki perfect for ten to twelve people.

For their most recent offers and prices, be sure to check their social media profiles. The ones I listed here may no longer be accurate as they could change. Follow Nakuyami Takoyaki Hypermarket SM North EDSA on Facebook and Instagram to avoid confusion.

SM North EDSA’s Hypermarket is where you can find Nakuyami Takoyaki, but you can also order delivery through GrabFood and foodpanda.

Would you like to start a business? Nakuyami Takoyaki is open for franchise. Please get in touch with the following if you’re interested:
Mobile: (0995) 220-3095 | (0917) 524-8664 | (0975) 858-8676

Happy eating!


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