Must-Try: G&G Taiwan Famous Fried Chicken, SM Fairview Branch Opens July 15

Have you tried G&G Taiwan Famous Fried Chicken? If yes, what’s your favourite? I recently tried The Ultimate Colonel Burger and Cotton Candy Drink – I fell in love. Oh, wait. You haven’t yet? Take this as a sign.

Meet G&G Taiwan Famous Chicken

G&G Taiwan Famous Chicken was born in the Philippines last 2021. Inspired by a businessman with a big heart and passion for innovation, he wanted to build a brand that offers good, high-quality flavoured chicken dishes, which would bring opportunities for the local industry in terms of creating business and generating jobs for the Filipinos amidst the pandemic.

G&G Taiwan Famous Fried Chicken’s first branch opened in February 2021 in Amoranto, Quezon City. They opened their second location in Palanca St. Quiapo, Manila, a few months later. They didn’t, however, stop there. They added more locations, with the most recent opening in SM Fairview on July 15 and another 8 branches opening soon!

G&G SM Fairview branch GRAND OPENING – July 15, 2022 (Friday) at 3PM *Keep an eye out for their GRAND OPENING PROMO!

BUY 1 Chicken Pops or Chops and GET 1 Cotton Candy Cherry drink (500mL) for FREE!

*Promo is only applicable for walk-in customers on July 15, 2022, from 3 PM to 9 PM.


G&G SM Fairview branch is at the Upper Ground Level, Centralwalk, SM Fairview (Quirino Highway cor. Regalado Ave., Brgy. Greater Lagro, Novaliches, Quezon City)

What do they offer, then?

You can eat the mouthwatering selection of original and spicy chicken from G&G Taiwan Famous Chicken as is or as a meal.

They have Signature Taiwanese Style Chicken Chop Original/Spicy (Php 145), Crispy Chicken Poppers Original/Spicy (Php135), and Taiwanese Style Chicken Wings Original/Spicy (Php 145). For an extra Php 30, these are also offered as rice toppings. Other rice toppings on the menu are General Flat Breaded Chicken w/Rice (BIG!) (Php 269) and the Taiwan Sausage w/Rice (Php 160).

Signature Taiwanese Style Chicken Chop Original

Do you enjoy burgers? Try The Ultimate Colonel Burger (Php 189). Together with the Cotton Candy Drink, these two are my favourite. You’ll like the crispy chicken with shredded cabbage and G&G’s unique burger dressing. Don’t believe me? The anatomy of G&G Taiwan Famous Chicken’s The Ultimate Colonel Burger is shown here.

The anatomy of G&G Taiwan Famous Chicken’s The Ultimate Colonel Burger

bun > shredded cabbage with G&G’s unique burger dressing > crispy chicken > shredded cabbage with G&G’s unique burger dressing > bun

Additionally, G&G Taiwan Famous Chicken offers Triple C (Php 189), Major Wrap (Php 179), Spiced N Fried Corn (Php 90), Crispy Water Spinach (Php 90), Taiwan Sausage (Php 135), String Fries (Php 115), Twisted Fries (Php 105) and G&G Ultimate Platter (Php 245).

By the way, I got to try the G&G Ultimate Platter. And I’m telling you straight out that it’s worth the price!

Just have a look at the image. Each G&G Taiwan Famous Chicken dish is generously portioned. Additionally, those unique dips are delectable. The G&G Ultimate Platter, in my opinion, is ideal.

To complete your meal or snack, G&G Taiwan Famous Chicken offers the followings drinks:

  • Fruit Tea Series from (Php 120 to (Php 160)
  • Cream Cheese Series from (Php 160)
  • Smoothie Series from (Php 220)

They all appear to be quite tasty. Go ahead and stop by the nearest branch. Don’t miss their G&G SM Fairview branch GRAND OPENING on July 15, 2022 (Friday), though, if you’re from Quezon City!

If you’re from somewhere else, G&G Taiwan Famous Chicken will be relaunching its other locations on July 15, 2022. (Friday).

GRAND RELAUNCH PROMO – G&G Amoranto, Palanca Quiapo, Masangkay, and BF Resort Las Pinas!

Don’t miss out on the GRAND RELAUNCH PROMO at G&G Amoranto, Palanca Quiapo, Masangkay, and BF Resort Las Pinas!

BUY ANY* Food Item on their menu and GET ONE 500mL Cotton Candy Cherry drink FOR FREE!

*Promo is only available at the four branches mentioned and runs on July 15. The String Fries and Twisted Fries are not included in the promotion.

Happy eating!

Follow G&G Taiwan Famous Chicken for more updates! Who knows, they might open a branch in your neighbourhood!

Below are their branches.

  • G&G N.S. Amoranto Branch
  • G&G Palanca, Quiapo Branch
  • G&G N. Domingo
  • G&G Masangkay
  • G&G BF Resort Las Pinas
  • G&G SM Urdaneta Central
  • G&G SM Manila
  • G&G SM Grand Central
  • G&G BF Paranaque

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