Red Ribbon’s Caramel Crunch Cake is Back!

My birthday isn’t today. However, cakes aren’t just for special occasions. You can have it whenever you want. GO FOR IT! Buy a cake for yourself and your family. What flavour?

What about Caramel Crunch? Yes, it is back!

Try this delectable dessert, which Red Ribbon reintroduced on May 6th. You and your loved ones can enjoy this delectable cake as part of many major celebrations or on regular days for a starting price of Php 690 in regular size!

Red Ribbon Bakeshop’s Caramel Crunch Cake will satisfy your sweet cravings with its creamy-crunchy delight! 🥰 You’ll absolutely love the layers of chiffon, cream, and caramel jelly, which are filled and topped with honeycomb crunch.

Check out my photographs below!


Caramel Crunch Cake

by Red Ribbon

Delightful Celebrations with Red Ribbon’s Caramel Crunch Cake!

Isn’t it delectable? It most surely is!

It may appear too sweet, but it is not. In fact, the only thing sweet here is the honeycomb crunch. Take a good bite. When you taste all of the flavours, you will realize how well they all work together. Balance is something that I look for in cakes. Red Ribbon Bakeshop’s Caramel Crunch Cake has that! 🙂

You can now enjoy and make sweet moments more memorable with Red Ribbon’s Classic Caramel Crunch Cake! This special cake is made from layers of chiffon cake, cream, and caramel jelly, filled and topped with honeycomb crunch, giving you that creamy-crunchy caramel delight experience with every bite!

You can order via
  • RED RIBBON APP: Download Now at
  • APPS: GrabFood and Foodpanda

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