This is Honey Wine by Nectar PH

My weekend has begun, and the best way to start it off is with a bottle of Nectar Honey Wine at home! This has a light flavour and a pronounced honey taste, making it a delightful drink. I’m thinking about pairing this wine with a dessert like a slice of dark chocolate cake while reading that book I’ve been meaning to finish.

Sounds like a great weekend, right? Despite the unpredictable weather, I’m looking forward to a terrific weekend.

Going back, let’s answer what exactly is Nectar Honey Wine. Honey wine is known as Mead. The Ancient Greeks referred to mead as “the nectar of the gods”. It is a golden elixir and tonic with a luscious flavour profile and mystical healing qualities.

Nectar Honey Wine, on the other hand, is a small batch of honey wine made from locally sourced honey. Nectar, a new honey wine brand from the Philippines, uses the highest grade raw honey produced entirely of natural ingredients. The ABV of Nectar Honey wine is 12 per cent and each bottle is 750ml.


Honey Wine

Nectar PH

Not your ordinary wine.

We produce locally sourced, sustainably made, small-batch honey wine, better known as mead, right in the heart of the PH.

Get a bottle for yourself and your friends! 🥂 Visit Nectar Wine Philippines’ social media pages and website to order.

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