Fruit Enzymes, Fresh Teas, and more at True Boss PH

The weather has been strange. It’s hot and sunny, then it rains unexpectedly, yet it’s still scorching. The best way to beat the heat is to drink something cold and delicious.

Have you ever tried an enzyme-based beverage? True Boss is a shop that sells the first speciality drink created from fruit enzymes in the Philippines. Fruit enzymes are digestive aids and immune system boosters manufactured from fermented fruits and vegetables. It also aids in the detoxification of the body. Incredible, right? Also, Fruit enzymes are not to be confused with fruit juices, and they do not contain caffeine.

My family and I recently tried True Boss PH’s milk-, tea-, and enzyme-based drinks.

  • Milk-based: Brown Sugar Berry and Taro Fresh Milk
  • Tea-based: Strawberry Slush and Roasted Pearl Milk Tea
  • Enzyme-based: Peach Perfect and Berry Berry Good


Fruit Enzymes, Fresh Teas & more

True Boss PH

A refreshing twist on healthy drinks 😋

Cranberry Enzyme, Strawberry Slush, Peach Perfect
Brown Sugar Berry, Taro Fresh Milk, Roasted Pearl Milk Tea

Brown Sugar Berry is my personal favourite. Fresh milk, brown sugar, chewy pearls, and fresh-cut strawberries go into this milk-based drink. And, guess what? The mixture is delicious and well-balanced.

My other favourite, which startled some of my family members, was the Strawberry Slush. It’s made with slushed fresh strawberries and tea. It was refreshing, although there was a trace of flower, maybe a rose in it. I really enjoyed it. But I have to be honest it’s not for everyone. The Peach Perfect is an enzyme-based drink.

Peach Enzyme with two mango toppings is really good. This one comes highly recommended. The first sip was a bit sour, but I stirred it thoroughly and the flavours harmonized nicely. I think kids will like this but they will love the milk-based better.

Would you like to try these, too? Quench your thirst in a healthier way! Order in-store, via GrabFoo, FoodPanda and Pick-a-roo, or visit

Are you from Quezon City? Visit ​True Boss Banawe. They have a Grand Opening buy 1 get 1 promo on MAY 21 (selected drinks)! Don’t miss it!
(02) 7273 6201/ (0927) 479 8599 10AM – 9PM

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