Must-Try: New Limited Edition #SMChocNutTuron

So, have you given it a try? Turon with Lanka is a popular item at SM Markets. It’s incredibly tasty, especially considering the proportion of banana and langka to the wrap’s size. However, have you tasted their latest merienda offering?

On February 17th, selected SM Markets began selling the new Limited Edition ChocNut Turon. These New Limited Edition ChocNut Turon are now available at more stores – SM Supermarket (36 stores), SM Hypermarket (16 stores) and Savemore (60 stores).

But first, let’s define Turon.

Turon is a saba banana that has been covered in sugar and wrapped in a lumpia wrapper before being fried till crisp and golden brown. For flavour, fresh or sweetened jackfruit (lanka) is sometimes added.

Now what is Choc Nut?

Annie’s Sweets Manufacturing and Packaging Corporation, a Philippine-based company created the candy bar Choc Nut. This popular children’s snack has peanuts, sugar, milk powder, cocoa powder, and vanilla.


ChocNut Turon

by SM Markets

ChocNut and Turon, two PINOY ICONIC treats combined, make one EPIC snack.

ChocNut and Turon, two PINOY ICONIC treats combined, make one EPIC snack. I mean, I love the traditional Turon with Lanka, but I also love the thought of combining my favourite candy bar with my favourite merienda. The new limited-edition ChocNut Turon from @smmarkets is the perfect combination. They’re not overly sweet and work well together.

Also, it’s just P25 each. Why not buy a bucket which has 10 ChocNut Turons. The whole family will surely want one. Moreover, I suggest to eat the ChocNut Turon right away. But if you are bringing a bucket home, you can toast it!

  1. Cut the Turon in half and toast it in the oven toaster or air fryer.
  2. It should be toasted for 2 to 3 minutes on medium heat. However, if you left a few in the fridge to eat on the next day, you can toast them for 3 minutes and check then toast 2 minutes more if you want it a bit more toasted.
  3. Enjoy your EPIC snack with a refreshing beverage. I recommend a cold drink or a cup of coffee.

The new limited edition #SMChocNutTuron can be found in over 100 stores nationwide. Happy merienda!

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