Cafe Claus, the First Christmas Cafe + Bakery in the Philippines

The most wonderful time of the year is Christmas. Everything is vibrant, and everyone is cheerful. That is why I am so grateful to live near Cafe Claus!

Cafe Claus is where Santa spends his day off. It is, so to speak, the Philippines’ first Christmas cafe and bakery. The cafe + bakery is situated in Tandang Sora, Quezon City.

To be honest, it’s an unusual location for a restaurant, but I’m not opposed to it. There are several Villages and Subdivisions hidden in that area, you see. As a resident of one of those Villages, I appreciate its existence. Why?

Mostly because it’s close to my house. But, before the pandemic, I used to take my Abuelita (May she rest in peace) and my Ninong out on weekends, especially after Sunday mass. We usually go to malls, but because of Metro Manila traffic, we end up checking out restaurants nearby. There are a few restaurants on Congressional Avenue and Visayas Avenue.

But, as I previously stated, Metro Manila traffic is notoriously congested, so we sometimes abandon our plans to travel further. But, when the world is in a better place, I will still continue to support small businesses and local businesses near me, one of which is Cafe Claus. Plus, with their concept, the cafe + bakery can cheer you up.

Behind Cafe Claus

Before we get to the food, let me tell you about the people who run Cafe Claus. We kept seeing Filipino actor Ken Chan in December 2021. I actually admire him. My abuelita and I watched his shows, such as the award-winning Destiny Rose and the romantic drama My Special Tatay, in which he co-starred with Rita Daniela.

Going back. We drove by on January 26 after paying our respects to my abuelito and abuelita at the cemetery. We intended to buy a cake because it was my abuelito’s birthday, but we ended up buying a few small cakes instead. We asked the staff a few questions while we waited for our order.

They were very nice and accommodating to our curiosity. So, Ken Chan is the owner, and he pushed for the establishment of Cafe Claus in that location because it is close to his home. Also, I did a little research.

According to a Business Mirror article by Dinna Chan Vasquez, actor Ken Chan studied tourism and hotel and restaurant management at De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde before becoming a full-time actor. Ken and his partner in business, Ryan Kolton, recently opened Cafe Claus. Cafe Claus was conceptualised and planned over a three-year period.

I must say, they did plan well. While waiting for my desserts, I read their menu. Cafe Claus serves delicious American and Filipino flavours named after Christmas icons, such as Blitzen which is their Ube Champorado, and Comet which is their Christmas Tapsilog.

Cafe Claus Desserts

I haven’t had the opportunity to dine here yet, and I can’t wait to do so soon. But I did buy the following:


Christmas Desserts

by Cafe Claus

The First Christmas Cafe + Bakery in the Philippines serves Christmas, the love, the spirit, the memories and all the incredible flavours that comprise it, all day, every day, 365 days a year.

Mrs. Claus’ Secret – Signature ube leche flan
North Pole Rubble – Pistachio Sans Rival
Merry Christmas Bread Pudding
Baguio Holiday – Baguio Strawberry Shortcake
Simbang Gabi – Signature best-seller, Bibingka Cheesecake

They’re all great, but my favourites are Baguio Holiday and Simbang Gabi! And, even though they are a Christmas-themed cafe, you can still feel and send Christmas love any day like this Valentine’s Day.

There’s a special dedication cake at Cafe Claus. You can even stamp your own signature on your cake. For more information, call their hotline or DM them on social media.

Anyway, I can’t wait to eat here soon and share with you my experience. For now, check out my Instagram videos for a closer look at their cafe + bakery. Cafe Claus is so vibrant and cheerful making you forget your worries. When you get the chance, visit their relaxing teal-coloured home in Tandang Sora, Quezon City.

Cafe Claus Tandang Sora

  • (In front of Tandang Sora Bayan Market and beside Villarica Pawnshop)
  • 9 am to 11pm

They operate under strict IATF regulations. Be sure to wear your masks and bring your vaccine cards.

They can arrange delivery when you order online, or book a third-party courier service for your convenience. You may call them at:

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