Pinoy Classics! Samurice PH Gourmet Crafted Onigiri Launched 3 New Flavours

Is the name Samurice familiar to you? It ought to. I featured them a few months ago when I tried their premium onigiris, which came in Japanese Classic and Spicy Korean flavours. Tuna Mayo, Salmon Mayo, and Chicken Teriyaki are among the Japanese classics, while Pork Samgyupsal, Chicken Galbi, and Beef Bulgogi are Spicy Korean Onigiris.

I liked them all because they each had their distinct flavour. Moreover, Samurice PH recently introduced three new flavours: Sisig, Adobo, and Spam Mayo Onigiris! They used Garlic Rice in addition to their well-known Soy Nori!

  • Sisig with Garlic Rice: If you like sisig, this is the dish for you. It’s savoury, balanced, and flavorful.
  • Spam Mayo with Garlic Rice: You can’t go wrong with Spam and, of course, a slight amount of mayo to tie everything together. Spam isn’t just for breakfast; you can eat it at any time of day!
  • Adobo with Garlic Ricw: Salty, sour, and sweet, all the classic Adobo flavours in one bundle! Skip the plate and take a big bite of this delectable onigiri!

The flavours are fantastic. They’re both familiar and delicious. My personal favourite is their Adobo and Spam Mayo Onigiris. I like how the Adobo and garlic rice complement each other. Spam Mayo, on the other hand, is delicious. Is there anything Spam cannot do?

Would you like to try these new Filipino Onigiris, as well as the Japanese and Korean Onigiris? Samurice’s online store – – accepts orders. Do you want a discount as well? Sure!

USE MY 10% discount code: CLAR10

Please keep in mind that the discount code is only valid until January 31, 2022. So hurry up! Don’t forget to enter my code. CLAR10

Happy eating!

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