Have Faith! Hello, 2022!

My year 2021 went by so quickly that I’m having trouble remembering the good, the bad, and the ugly. However, when I looked through my prior blog and social media entries, I was reminded of two major life shifts.


If you’re a regular reader, you may recall my posts from early last year about my Abuelita’s passing. Due to the numerous restrictions and inconveniences we encountered, we were unable to grieve properly. Throughout 2021, however, my heart and mind found moments where I was able to cry my eyes out.


Let’s go back to late last year when my Ninong and I rescued a kitten. I never saw myself as a cat owner. However, a few days before my birthday, I discovered four adorable kittens hiding in our Philippine Santan with their mother. If you have this plant, you are aware of how large it can grow.

Anyway, it didn’t matter if they stayed there because the kittens were safe with their mother. So my birthday arrived, and I discovered that the cats had moved. But two days after my birthday, there was a commotion when I heard kittens crying.

Our village guard came to our house the next day. Kids who didn’t live here snuck in and stole the cats, according to him. He stopped them to inquire where they got the kittens so he could return, but the youngsters bolted, leaving the kittens at a carinderia. The other three kittens eventually found their home, but their mother was sad. She would, however, come to Salem on a regular basis.

With that said, our small family faced death at the start of the year but rediscovered life as the year progressed. I’m no longer enraged by 2020 or 2021. I’m confident that everything will fall into place. And then everything will be alright.

I hope you are doing well. If not, it will happen when the moment is right. Also, I’m aware that everyone is having a tumultuous 2022. I, too, was infected with the flu. Things will, however, improve. Have faith.

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