New Product Alert – Chef Park’s Chikin Sliders Now Available!

Do you remember Chef Park’s? I featured them a few months ago as I was curious about their 100% addicting Korean crispy chicken that is bursting with flavour. I tried their Korean Buffalo Chicken. This flavour has the classic taste of the New York-style buffalo chicken with this unique Korean flavour. Chef Park created a SPICY, ZESTY, and BOLD flavour.

Recently, I tried their latest product – Chef Park’s Chikin Sliders (Php375.00) This is available at limited slots per day only. You can choose one flavour but it’s better to mix & match their 4 flavours:


Chikin Sliders

by Chef Park’s

🇰🇷 Yangnyum
🌶 Spicy Jalapeno
🧀 Garlic Parmesan and Cream Cheese
🥓 Bacon Cheese
Comes with chips!

What is my personal favourite? I liked them all, but my favourite was the Bacon Cheese, especially the Garlic Parmesan and Cream Cheese. Like their Korean Crispy Chicken, they’re all bursting with flavour.

It is entirely up to you which one you will choose. If you like things spicy, go for the Spicy Jalapeno. Yangnyum is also delicious. But I’m all about the delectable Bacon Cheese and Garlic Parmesan & Cream Cheese. Or, just Mix & Match so you get to try all four!

Chef Parks PH offers:

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Try Chef Park’s New Flavour – Korean Buffalo Chicken!

Let me share with you this discovery in the name of Chef Park’s. It says on their website that they serve 100% addicting Korean crispy chicken that is bursting with flavour.

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