Magnumize Your Life with Moonleaf’s New Christmas Drinks

Milk tea and ice cream? That sounds wonderful! Moonleaf Tea Shop and Magnum? Even better! This is the season for happiness, good vibes, and love!

The Moonleaf Christmas drink line, which includes Magnum Cafe Classico, Magnum Winter Nutcracker, and Magnum Choco Hazelnut Torte, is made with high-quality ingredients. I love all of the drinks, but my favourite is the Magnum Cafe Classico. Magnum and Moonleaf Milk Tea go well together making this drink an ideal Christmas companion. But why wait for Christmas? You can get yours right now!

Here’s a closer look! – Watch the video here.


New Christmas Drinks

by Moonleaf Tea Shop & Magnum

Magnum Winter Nutcracker ₱160
Fragrant and delicate wintermelon tea topped with luscious Salted Cream and crunchy Magnum Almond

Magnum Choco Hazelnut Torte ₱160
Full-bodied tea mixed with chocolate and roasted hazelnut, topped with Salted Cream and nutty Magnum Almond

Magnum Cafe Classico ₱150
Strong and aromatic cafe latte topped with Wintermelon Cream and luscious Magnum Classic

Have your daily dose of @moonleafteashop x @magnum

P.S You get the ice cream, too! #Moonleaf#MoonleafTeaShop

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