Get Your Gourmet Crafted Onigiri Made with Lovely Flavours at Samurice PH

Onigiri, also known as omusubi, nigirimeshi, or rice ball, is Japanese comfort food. It is made of white rice wrapped in nori and formed into triangular or cylindrical shapes. Because rice balls are light and easy to carry, they are popular for lunch, picnics, field trips, and school events. In addition, Onigiri is a symbol of family love in Japan, so mothers and grandmothers make rice balls for their children or grandchildren.

Do you want to try one? I recommend Samurice PH.

Samurice PH

Samurice PH is a Quezon City-based onigiri business. They serve gourmet crafted onigiris that you will never forget. To ensure that you have the most authentic experience possible, they only use high-quality ingredients like their premium flavours.

Here I have a box of premium Samurice onigiris which are divided into two categories: Japanese Classic and Spicy Korean. Japanese Classics include Tuna Mayo, Salmon Mayo, and Chicken Teriyaki, while Spicy Korean Onigiris include Pork Samgyupsal, Chicken Galbi, and Beef Bulgogi.


Premium Gourmet Crafted Onigiris

by Samurice PH

Japanese Classic

The Tuna Mayo is creamy, rich, and decadent. This is the ideal onigiri for seafood fans. Another option is the Salmon Mayo. The combination of fish and Japanese mayo is a match made in heaven. This onigiri is proof of that. In addition to seafood, Samurice Japanese Classic onigiris include Chicken Teriyaki. Soft bites of chicken cooked in a sweet and savoury teriyaki sauce fill this onigiri.

Spicy Korean

The first item on the list is everyone’s favourite Pork Samgyupsal. This onigiri is made with gochujang-flavoured rice and a hearty Korean BBQ. Do you like it spicy? Chicken Galbi has a mild heat with sweet and salty elements. The last is the Beef Bulgogi. This onigiri is filled with sweet and savoury beef.

So, which is my favourite? I honestly like them all because they each have a distinct flavour that I enjoy. But if I had to choose one from each category, I’d go with Salmon Mayo, a Samurice Japanese Classic Onigiri, and Beef Bulgogi, a Samurice Spicy Korean Onigiri.

I love salmon, and combining it with Japanese mayo in rice and nori is a delicious medley. The Beef Bulgogi, on the other hand, is spicy but flavourful. I don’t like spicy food, but if it’s mild and delicious, I don’t mind at all!

Would you like to try these, too? You can now sign up for slots this Nov 27! Check out Samurice PH on Instagram.

Keep in mind that the onigiri should be refrigerated and consumed within three days. You can also eat your onigiri either hot or chilled. Happy eating!

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