Observar las aves (2019) Directed by Andrea Martínez Crowther | PELÍCULA-Spanish Film Festival 2021

I have nothing but love for this film. But I have to admit, Observar las aves (2019) by Andrea Martínez Crowther made me ponder about life. The film sent my mind on a time machine and thus, recalled bittersweet memories.

To be honest, I would pause the movie whenever the main character said something beautiful or insightful. It happened at least six times if my memory serves me well. Oh! Let me give you a synopsis before I continue with my comments on the film.

Observar las aves (2019)

Director: Andrea Martínez Crowther

A fictional documentary about Lena Daerna, a renowned academic with Alzheimer’s who has decided to film her descent into oblivion in the first person. Knowing that the disease will prevent him from completing the film, he puts himself in the hands of “A”, a young director whose mother was diagnosed with the same thing and who suffers a terrible anguish that it also happens to her. In two voices, these women will weave an ode to the ephemerality of life.

Thoughts on Observar las aves (2019)

Six months ago, I was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. So, I decided to film my disappearance. My descent into oblivion. A farewell film.

Lena, Observar las aves (2019)

The moment our main character said this, I told myself that I will never forget this film. Although this is a fictional documentary, who is to say that this isn’t true for someone somewhere in the world?

Moving on, I doubt that I will have the courage to forget this film. The narration that started in the first person was too intimate. It’s like talking to a close friend. So when Lena Daerna invited me on a journey, I willingly followed.

Speaking of being intimate, the way Lena captured her daily life was so genuine. It reminds you of those old family videos on VHS tapes. And although the camera lens is zoomed in, it clearly focuses on what matters. There is the beauty of the sky, the flowers, and the smile. 

When Andrea comes in to help Lena film, the footage seems different. There was focus but on a second and third person level. You see, filming also affects the filmmaker. Since Andrea is there, she is now part of the journey.

Lena began telling the story in the first person. But now, that first-person no longer exists. So now it’s my turn to take over the narrative.

Andrea, Observar las aves (2019)

And since we saw Lena’s descent into oblivion, her farewell film, we are also part of that journey. So let me ask you, how can I forget such a film?

Now, I’d like to invite you to see Andrea Martnez Crowther’s film Observar las aves (2019), which she wrote and directed.

Observar las aves (2019) Directed by Andrea Martínez Crowther

Rating: 10 out of 10.

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