Perk Up Your Day! Create Your Morning Potion Care Package

I featured a small business called Morning Potion a few months ago. I mentioned what I thought about the coffee and tea selections I sampled. Everything I stated was favourable because their products are of high quality. So, as I finished my stash, I purchased bags of the Quality Sleep and Weight Loss teas.

Read the full review here – Coffee or Tea? Choose Your Morning Potion.

Tea Time!

To my surprise, the teas had been rebranded. Let me say that the new names are a good fit for the brand. Weight Loss is now Healthy Elixir, and Quality Sleep is now Dream Dust. Moreover, the packages are also different.

Morning Potion Dream Dust

All teas are now packaged in white stand up pouch bags, while coffees are packaged brown and black stand up pouch bags.

Now back to the tea!

This is what I’m going to tell you. Morning Potion doesn’t let you down. The quality of the teas is still excellent. Both Healthy Elixir and Dream Dust helped me sleep better at night by soothing and calming my nerves. I’m beginning to realise that I underestimated the number of bags I needed and should have purchased more, but I digress!

If you enjoy tea, I recommend taking advantage of their…

Potion Package

Morning Potion offers a 14-day Teatox Kit that contains 14 pouches of various teas designed to detoxify your system. It also includes a tumbler with a pouch. Need? Want? Get yours right away!

Moreover, Morning Potion also allows you to create your potion package.

This lovely coffee box or care package contains Hazelnut Drip Coffee, Butterscotch Drip Coffee, Vanilla Drip Coffee, and Double Chocolate Ground Coffee. I haven’t tried them all, but I already opened the Hazelnut Drip Coffee and Butterscotch Drip Coffee.

Here’s an unboxing video for a closer look. Make sure to subscribe!

Subscribe – ClariSays

A little reminder, I had previously tried Hazelnut Drip Coffee. I can honestly say that this batch still smells and tastes excellent. But the Butterscotch Drip Coffee is on another level. The moment I opened the pack and cut the top part of the drip coffee, the area I was at smelled delicious. When I started pouring freshly boiled water, the room and the next smelled delicious. It awakened my senses right away.

Morning Potion Hazelnut Drip Coffee

I have not yet opened the Vanilla Drip Coffee and Double Chocolate Ground Coffee packets. But I’m confident that these will smell and taste wonderful as well! I’ll update this post as soon as I have.

Would you like to perk up your day or your friend? Great news! Morning Potion is now available on Shopee! Make sure to check their socials or send Morning Potion a message if you have questions.

Don’t be shy. The owner is nice, but keep in mind that she is a one-man, or rather one-woman, team. 🙂

Always support your lokal and happy mornings ahead!

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