kōhī & Chill with Their Spiked Cold Brew Collection

Spiked or not spiked? That is the question. And whatever your response is, kōhī has got your caffeine needs covered

How? That is simple. kōhī offers handcrafted and customisable cold brew drinks made with premium ingredients and a whole lot of love! All of their drinks are made to order using their cold brew to ensure freshness and quality.

Their menu is split into three sections:

  • Cold Brew (350ml) – made with a premium cold brew as base
  • Non-Coffee Signatures (350ml) – chocolates and fruit flavoured milk collection
  • Happy Hour – spiked cold brew collection (260ml)

They also have a Limited Edition/ Not-So-Secret Menu (350ml). For the full list, you can access their menu here.

In this post, I am sharing the kōhī Spiked Cold Brew Collection.

Coffee & Alcohol

If you don’t drink alcohol, spiked cold brew may sound new to you. But the concept of alcoholic cold brew coffee is common. In fact, several types of alcohol go great with coffee. If you are unsure which ones and how to prepare them, why not try the Spiked Cold Brew Collection by kōhī? Their drinks give the right kick while calming the nerves at the same time.

There are three drinks under this collection, and each is stored in a cute 260ml flask.

Spiked kōhī (P179) – basic black with coffee liqueur. Shake well. Serve with ice.
White Russian (P209) – classic latte but with a shot of vodka. Shake well. Serve with ice.
Dizzy Kōhi (P189) – a fizzy drink made with cold brew and coffee liqueur. Serve with ice and garnish with lemon. *Do not shake.

How do they taste?

The Spiked kōhī has a lovely aroma. It is quite bitter, but it is the kind that says delicious cold brew coffee. Next is the Dizzy kōhī. This fizzy drink has a fruity scent and flavour. You may drink it straight up, but if I had a lemon on hand, I’d add it as a garnish. Last is the White Russian. Do not be fooled by its classic latte scent. Though it tastes like one and is very creamy, it is quite strong due to the shot of vodka.

So which one is my favourite? I honestly like all of them, but I would drink them on certain days.

Let’s say I’m writing or editing a video and I need to stay awake, I would go for Spiked kōhī. Virtual happy hour with friends, a Dizzy kōhī garnished with lemon would be lovely! And capping off a productive week, I would like to enjoy a White Russian to calm my nerves.

Would you like a closer look?

Ready for happy hour? You can order your drinks by visiting their socials. Once you receive your drinks, chill with the kōhī playlist on Spotify.

FB: kohi.2021
IG: kohiph_2021

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