Sangkutsa Meal Kits: They Prep It. You Cook It.

“What should I eat today?”, a question that is hard to answer whether or not you are busy. That is why meal planning is a good habit as it saves time, money and energy. But to be honest, I am also not always prepared.

I usually only have a plan on certain days because sometimes there are unexpected guests, work or blog related tasks I have to do. That is why I am thankful and happy to share with you this new product I recently discovered.

Sangkutsa Meal Kits

Sangkutsa offers meal kits complete with freshly prepped and ready to cook ingredients. You only need to prepare your basic cooking utensils and read the instruction card provided. What is even great about this is you get to enjoy new chef-prepared recipes every month. So, it is like eating delicious restaurant food but affordable and in the comfort of your home.


Is it delicious? Yes, I can hear you ask that question. The ones I got are and, all are made yummier with Clara Olé. Go ahead and check, where you will see their latest menu.

They will update this each month. So you can plan your meals and order which box of the day you like. A little reminder, you need to cook the meal kits within 12 – 24 hours to maintain the taste. *Take note: Certain Sangkutsa Meal Kits has a shelf life of 2-5 days.

Speaking of Mango Salsa Original, this is from Pik-a-Pikel. They offer Philippine-made pickles and salsa. Try their Pickled Mango or Burong Mangga – it is delicious! I featured them before, and my relatives and I have been buying these for some time now.

Check Mango or Guava? PIK-A-PIKEL Now at 7-Eleven Stores! – Clari Says!

Now, let me share with you a few of their July Sangkutsa Meal Kits, starting with my favourite!

Beef and Ox Tripe Callos

Php 395 | Good for 3 – 4 persons

Watch on TikTok! Click VIDEO

We had this Beef and Ox Tripe Callos for lunch. I never thought I would cook this dish, to be honest. Thanks to Sangkutsa, I realised cooking is fun. 🤗You only need to follow the cooking instructions in their meal kits.

Anywho, their Beef and Ox Tripe are tender. The chorizo that is a Chorizo de Bilbao is flavourful. Also, I am not sure if it is the chorizo or the sauce, but the dish is a little spicy. Oh, don’t worry! The spiciness level is acceptable as it did not overpower the other meat. By the way, this dish only took me 12 minutes, tops!

Beef in Creamy Mushroom Sauce

Php 390 | Good for 3 – 4persons

Watch on TikTok! Click VIDEO

We had this Beef in Creamy Mushroom Sauce for dinner. It truly is creamy AND flavourful. That mushroom sauce has a perfectly balanced taste that is not too salty. The beef was also juicy! And this dish only took me 10 minutes to top!

Vegetable Tempura

Php 180 | Good for 3 – 4 persons

Watch on TikTok! Click VIDEO

We enjoyed this Vegetable Tempura with a bottle of Mango Salsa Original. It is the perfect combination for me. Oh, the soy sauce included in the meal kit is gooood. It made me crave for some sashimi! 

There you have it, the three Sangkutsa July Meal Kits I tried. Do not forget to check their menu on their website, where you will also find the link to their socials, or click the respectively links below to order!

Happy eating!

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