Namnama En Lolang (Grandmother’s Hope) | 2021 Cinemalaya Film Review

“Tomorrow, we will be gone. Always remember our advices because it is our wealth that you will inherit.”

It’s a lyric from a song that the grandma sings to her baby grandson as she lulls him to asleep. As someone who grew up with her grandparents, I can attest to the fact that individuals laking lolo at lola are loved and protected. Even though it isn’t Christmas, they adhere to traditional Filipino beliefs and rituals such as “mano po.” They also utilize po or opo in almost every phrase.

What I mean is that those who grew up with their grandparents take their teachings to heart.



SYNOPSIS: Entirely shot using a mobile phone, the film depicts life during the quarantine. It focuses on the story of Lolang Keyag who lives in isolation with her baby grandson Eli, as she was left to take care of him during the lockdown period. Despite the difficulties faced in this trying time, she tries her best to be hopeful for her grandson.

Thoughts on Namnama En Lolang (Grandmother’s Hope) 

Our world was turned upside down by the pandemic. The situation was agonizing and stressful, putting our mental health at risk. However, some infants did not have the opportunity to fully appreciate the beauty of life prior to and during the global health crisis. Even if kids are unaware of the current situation of the world, it would be unjust if they did not grow up in a world free of pandemics.

And that is Namnama En Lolang or Grandmother’s Hope for her baby grandson, Eli. She also wishes for Eli to grow up to be like his father. That is why she gives it her all.

It’s also sweet how she would show Eli photo albums and tell the stories behind each photo. We had no idea there was a twist in every word she said. I won’t give anything away, but be ready.

In addition, I like how Namnama En Lolang (Grandmother’s Hope) depicted our favorite lola. Grandmothers play an important role in linking grandchildren to their cultural background and family history. Even through a cell phone, our main character’s love and devotion for Eli flow through.

As of September 2020, at least 7,000 health workers have died around the world due to COVID-19.

Amnesty International


Rating: 10 out of 10.

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