Maski Papano (I Mask Go On) | 2021 Cinemalaya Film Review

When I first viewed the trailer, two thoughts came to mind. The word disposable pops up. Second, I keep seeing the title’s first four letters in bold text. Why? Because Maski Papano (I Mask Go On) is the narrative of a discarded facemask who transforms into a humanoid and embarks on a quest to find its prior owner.


By Che Tagyamon and Glenn Barit

SYNOPSIS: After getting disposed of, a facemask starts to turn into a humanoid figure. It searches for its previous owner but finds him already with a new and better face mask. It gets heartbroken then wanders around different places in Manila, and eventually finds another similar looking facemask figure.

Thoughts on Maski Papano (I Mask Go On)

This short film reminded me of what happened in March 2020. Do you still recall those moments when the President of the Philippines announced the “community quarantine”? Where and what were you doing before and after the announcement?

I know everyone was panicking and buying everything they need one of which are facemasks. I did the same but opted for the ones you can wash and reuse for some time. I felt front liners need those specific facemasks the most. It would be a waste for a regular citizen like me to use them.

Now going back to the short film. I believe Che Tagyamon and Glenn Barit’s Maski Papano (I Mask Go On) successfully captured people’s journey. Their comedic approach evoked pleasant memories.

Yes, I am aware that the virus, the government, especially the unemployment caused by the pandemic brings distress to people. At some point, you must have felt powerless.

Look on the bright side. The community quarantine gave people time to rediscover themselves. Yes, you are not alone. It led to people learning new skills, acquiring a new hobby or gaining confidence to push their dreams.

And that, my friend, is what the “I Mask Go On” means. Maski papano or, somehow, I must go on and continue living. So do not break down easily, okay?

“There is comfort knowing that are also other people out there who also try hard to get by. In the end, I did not find myself. We found ourselves.

We are disposable, but non-degradable.”

– Maski Papano (I Mask Go On)

By Che Tagyamon and Glenn Barit

Rating: 10 out of 10.

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