Unboxing & Testing Skin White Solutions Glow Diggers Kit

Yes, I mostly feature film and food. BUT I also support my lokal! That is why I am happy to share with you this Filipina-led skincare brand. Your skin will be #BrighterThanEver with #SkinWhiteSolutions brand-new products made for all skin types.

They have a Wonder Wash (PHP149.00), a Talented Toner (PHP199.00), and a Happy Crush (PHP119.00). Don’t you love the names? I am sure you will also love the products themselves. In this 6-minute video, I unboxed and tested all three products. Though I only showed applying it on my hand, I did use them on my face. 🙂

Unboxing & Testing

The Review

My skin type is oily and sensitive. There are times when a product makes my skin uncomfortable. When that happens, I immediately stop using it and search for a new one. Now is Skin White Solutions’ turn.

A little note, facial wash and foams turn my face itchy red. With Skin White Solutions’ Wonder Wash, it did turn my face a little red. BUT it was not itchy. I do not see this as a problem because the reaction is not intense. I was not uncomfortable. Wonder Wash is light and foamy making it easy to massage on the face.

Next is the Talented Toner. Honestly, I hate toners. All of them, especially that one brand, irritates my skin. But once in a while, I find a toner that is not too harsh on my skin. The only problem is the smell. Skin White Solutions’ Talented Toner is an exemption. It did not turn my skin and eyes red. Plus, it has a pleasant light fragrance.

Last is the Happy Crush. I don’t use cold cream or moisturizers because I have oily skin and, I hate the feeling when applying such products.

But they say moisturizer is indeed good for the skin. Since I do have eye bags from all that movie marathon and reading, I did not hesitate to use Skin White Solutions’ Happy Crush. It has a tiny spatula included which is fun to use! Anyway, it was a bit sticky, but after a while, it blended into my skin leaving it cool and smooth.

Additional notes!

I have asthma, and fragrances can trigger it. Since the products only have a light fragrance, it was not triggered. I can also say there is no adverse reaction, so I can continue using these.

*Results may vary upon the person’s skin type/ condition.

Want to try these out? Visit Skin White Solutions Shopee page: https://shopee.ph/swsofficial to learn more! Be part of the growing community of #GlowDiggers!

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