Say No to Fast Food, Say Yes to TAPA OUT!

I am not a great cook, but I do what I can, and that usually happens on days I am not too busy or on weekends. If that is not the case, then I would order or rely on ready to heat meals. Why? Because these products are convenient and delicious. But I have to admit it can get quite expensive. So I check the options available and pick what I think is worth it and what we would enjoy at home.

Honestly, there are only a few that hit my checklist. Being on the lookout for this type of product, I was happy to learn about Tapa Out.


Yes, Tapa Out a play with words. The name rings a bell, but I cannot recall where I have heard it before. So I did a little research, and it hit me. This is THE Tapa Out I used to visit at a nearby food park. I instantly recalled the design of their food stall. It was a hit. Oh, the food park was also one of a kind. I miss those days. Oh, they are also related to one of my go-to places – the Coffee Book. Anyway, I’ll add the link above and in the description box for you to see.

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Aside from that, I also found out that Tapa Out used to provide silog meals at SHELL Select Deli2Go. And I happen to enjoy their meals there, too.

But with new goals in mind:

  • to help mothers cope up and give their children quality meals
  • to provide a better alternative making us say no to fast food

TAPA OUT Frozen Food was born. Owner Michelle Zen Bardet-Turabin explains that Tapa Out products are without preservatives. Plus, theirs is affordable compared to what is currently available in the market.

Though they only started two years ago, TAPA OUT has quite a selection of Ready To Eat meals, Ready To Cook items, and a new product – the Frozen Pizza.

Let us start with the Ready To Eat meals which you just need to reheat. They have Adobong Puti, Bistek Tagalog, Beef Stew, Salpicao, Humba, Chicken Binagoongan, Shrimp Gambas, Chicken Sisig, Chicken Longga, and Beef Tapa. Prices range from Php150 to Php350. Included in this category is their selection of pasta such as Lasagna, Pesto, Baked Macaroni and Mexican Pasta. Prices range from Php145 to Php150.

Next is the Ready To Cook items weighing 1kilo which costs Php299. They have Chicken Tocino, Chicken Inasal, Chicken Adobo and Pork Adobo.

And now for their latest addition, the Frozen Pizza. Tapa Out offers Cheesy Hotdog Pizza, Ham and Cheese Pizza, Vegetarian Pizza, Shawarma Pizza, Cheese Bacon and Ham Pizza, AND Murasamin Special Pizza. Prices range from Php110 to Php150 only.

Would you like a closer look? I’ll share with you items which I have tried. The rest you can see on my social media accounts. It’s ClariSays on Facebook and Instagram, OR visit my YouTube now!


Pork Humba

The first one I tried is the Humba. This one costs Php260. Is it worth it? A big yes! I mentioned earlier that I cook, order out, and familiar with Ready To Eat Meals. This one is enough for three people to share maybe four if you don’t eat that much. The taste is perfect especially with how the meat is cooked. It is very tender making you enjoy every bite.

Chicken Longga

Next is the Chicken Longga (Php199). If you love silog meals, this is the best. The flavours and the longga itself are intact but not too firm. The texture is just enough to hold the flavours together. This is perfect with garlic rice!

Murasamin Special Pizza

I also tried the pizza the other day, the perfect movie companion! I highly recommend the Murasamin Special Pizza (Php150). They did not skimp on flavour on this one. It is delectable and worth every Peso.

Chicken Sisig

Another is the Chicken Sisig (Php150). This one is a little on the salty side. I suggest adding calamansi and eggs. I was in the mood for a sunny-side-up and freshly-cooked white rice.

Chicken Adobo

Now let us check one of their Ready to Cook items. This is the Chicken Adobo (Php299/1kg). It is well-marinated, but you can add in some more ingredients to suit your taste buds. The amount and the fact it is already marinated, the price is just right.

Are you ready to try Tapa Out Frozen Food? You can find them on:


 You can call them at 0915 2477944 or 7000-7314

  •  SELF PICK UP LOCATIONS: UKB Branches & Chocoholic A-Plaza
  •  ORDERING: Grab Food & Food Panda
  •  PICK UP VIA Grab Express Pabili, Lalamove, TokTok, Angkas Pabili

Tapa Out Frozen Food

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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