Internet’s Latest Food Obsession: Have You Tried Andok’s Litson Baka?

Have you heard of Andok’s Litson Baka? If yes, you probably tried to line up at the nearest outlet. Lucky if that store already carries the latest Andok’s product. If not, then you have to move to another like us.

It turns out not all branches carry it. But due to insistent public demand, they are slowly adding more outlets. So from that branch, they pointed us to two places – Visayas Avenue and Congressional Avenue in Quezon City.

The queue was a little long, and it took us 20 minutes which honestly is not that bad. It is, after all, the Internet’s latest food obsession. But is the purchase worth it?

Honestly, yes, because one Andok’s Litson Baka tastes good. The flavours are all there, which reminds you of Sunday BBQ with the family. Two, the slices are thin and tender. Minsan kasi kahit masarap, kung matigas naman eh mahirap ma-enjoy, hindi ba?

Take note, the price used to be Php 320. Now, Andok’s Litson Baka costs Php 350. For me, the serving is good for two to three people.

By the way, I have a suggestion. Make sure you eat this with rice and atsara. The one we received was a little oily. Atsara or atchara is a side dish served for fried or grilled foods.

Atchara is a pickle made from grated unripe papaya, popular in the Philippines. This dish serves as a side dish for fried or grilled foods such as pork barbecue.


Andok’s has its line of Special Atsara – Papaya and Labanos. We tried their labanos variant, which is a little sweet and more on the bitter side. But it tastes perfect with the Litson Baka. Since the weather is quite hot, partner it with an ice-cold drink complete with dessert.

Final Thoughts

Though Andok’s Litson Baka is currently a food obsession or “food trend”, I feel that it the type that would stay, and I am glad. Andok’s Litson Baka seems like a versatile dish. I can’t wait to eat it differently. 😉

Andok’s Litson Baka

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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