Tried & Tested: Colgate Total Professional Clean Mint Mouthwash

Brushing our teeth is essential. I use Colgate®, specifically the Fresh Confidence Spicy Fresh. When it comes to a toothbrush, I prefer one with a Flexi neck and easy-grip, so I can easily manoeuvre when brushing my teeth.

But I don’t stop there! Using a mouthwash is also part of my routine. I use Colgate® Plax® Peppermint Fresh. But I recently tried Colgate Total Professional Mouthwash which I have been using for more than a week. It is available in two variants – Fresh Mint and Clean Mint.

I chose the latter. The perfect time to use this is after brushing your teeth. To use:

  • Open the Colgate Total Professional Clean Mint bottle.
  • Take the cap and fill it up to the line.
  • Rinse for 30 seconds.

From the first day I used this, I already love the product. I prefer the Colgate Total Professional Clean Mint over the one I’m used to because it gives me a fresher and cleaner feeling. Moreover, it does not sting.

I give this a 5-star rating. Again, this is the Colgate Total Professional Clean Mint.

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