Try Chef Park’s New Flavour – Korean Buffalo Chicken!

I watch K-Dramas, but I enjoy watching South Korea’s longest-running variety show, Running Man, more. Whenever I watch them on their YouTube channel, I make sure I have food in front of me.

Why? Though Running Man is full of fun physical activities, they always involve food. The cast treats each other as family, and their guests eat together. Seeing this makes me crave what they have. Recently, I realised the best food to eat when watching the show or binge-watching on Netflix is Korean fried chicken and some drinks (of course).

Love at First Bite

Let me share with you this discovery in the name of Chef Park’s. It says on their website that they serve 100% addicting Korean crispy chicken that is bursting with flavour.

You know what? They are not bluffing! I was able to try their newest addition which is the Korean Buffalo Chicken. This flavour has the classic taste of the New York-style buffalo chicken with this unique Korean flavour. Chef Park created a SPICY, ZESTY, and BOLD flavour.

Chef Park’s Korean Buffalo Chicken

You can get this with kimchi rice (P295) or just chicken Sharing size (P495). We got the sharing one because some of us wanted to enjoy it with noodles or with rice. I like both so I had two pieces of chicken and half a rice and noodles.

It was very delicious. The flavours are not overwhelming. Moreover, the spiciness and zestiness of the chicken worked well with both the rice and noodles. It was satisfying, and I can not help but think about the other flavours!

Chef Park’s Flavours

Yes, the Korean Buffalo is their latest addition. But they already have a few that is worth a try such as:

  • GARLIC PARMESAN: Buttery, Garlicky, and Salty. The love child of cheesy garlic bread and a sexy chicken.
  • SOY GARLIC: Sweet, Garlicky, and Savory. Tastes like a hug from your crush.
  • TRUFFLE HONEY: Bold, Sweet, and flavorful. The Korean chicken took a luxurious truffle bath. 
  • YANGNYUM: Spicy, tasty, and Yangn-yummy. Close your eyes and feel the explosion.

They also have:

  • CHEESY BIBIMBAP TRAY: Cheesier than your ex! 1 scoop, and you are hooked! Good for 3-5 people.
  • CHEESY KIMCHI RICE: Super yummy! This flavorful cheesy fried rice will make you forget your name. She’s the girl that all the chicken flavours would like to date.

Ready to order?

You can reach Chef Park’s via 0977-803-0111 or

Chef Park’s (@chefparksph) • Instagram photos and videos

  • #23 9th Avenue, Cubao, Quezon City (Between Col. B Serrano Ave and Liberty Ave)
  • Accepting orders 10 am – 7 pm daily

Happy eating!

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