Coffee or Tea? Choose Your Morning Potion

Are you a coffee or tea person? Whichever you are, Morning Potion welcomes you. 

What is Morning Potion?

This online shop offers a variety of ground beans from the Cordillera. Yes, their products are locally sourced and wonderfully made to give you that perfect moment to start your morning.

They have Barako, Benguet, Kalinga, Robusta, Sagada, Mocha, Hazelnut, Macadamia, Caramel, Butterscotch, Irish Crean and Arabica. Some variants are available in ground or drip type (Check their menu). BUT THAT IS NOT ALL!

Completing Morning Potion’s lineup is their herbal teas.

  • Glowing Skin: apple flower, orange, mulberry, rosehip and calendula
  • Quality Sleep: butterfly pea, Lavender, goji berries, lemon and Stevia
  • Weight Loss: hibiscus, kumquat, hawthorn, lemon and mint

Before I leave my review, a little note. If you read my blog or follow my socials, featuring coffee products isn’t new to me.

BUT if you check carefully, I don’t exactly promote that many coffee shops or coffee in general. Why? Mainly because I brew my coffee at home. Plus, drinking coffee with my abuelita (she passed away in March) at our terrace is relaxing.

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In addition, my coffee stash is full of my favourite 3-in-1 coffee sachets (just two brands) and a few bags of ground coffee from local brands. Morning Potion is a happy addition to that stash.

(*I’ll share my coffee stash as soon as I buy a new coffee maker and cup. T_T My abuelito’s coffee maker has left the Earth. Also, my French Press might give up soon.)

Coffee Potion Review

Now for my review. I recently tried the Hazelnut drip coffee and the Sagada ground coffee. I specifically made a hot cup of Hazelnut coffee and a cold glass of Sagada coffee.

In the video, I made a little mistake by adding an ample amount of milk that I intended to my hot cup of Hazelnut coffee. But I’m glad it turned out well. Still, that did not stop me, so I made another cup the following day but with more Hazelnut coffee.


I realised that both mixtures tasted great. I owe it all to that perfectly boiled water and that drip coffee filter bag. Why?

According to my research (yes, I want to back this up), a cup of coffee is 98 per cent water. Let’s say you used an instant or 3-in-1 coffee. If the water is not at the right temperature, the mix will not dissolve. Have you experienced that? Cause I have!

If you brew your own, you need to do boil water properly as this affects the quality of coffee. Also, bad water can cause an upset stomach. In terms of brewing, cold water causes an under-extracted brew. Water that is too hot causes over-extraction that results in a bitter taste. That is why I prefer using an electric kettle.

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Now with Morning Potion’s drip coffee. I usually have trouble with the proportions. With a drip coffee filter bag, it makes brewing easier. The bag is filled with ground coffee and can keep the taste and aroma fresh! When I opened the bag of Morning Potion’s Hazelnut drip coffee, all I can smell is a slightly sweet, nut-like fragrance that made me crave a chocolate cake.

A hot cup of Hazelnut coffee
A cold glass of Sagada coffee

But if you are comfortable with your brewing method, using ground coffee won’t be a problem. I chose the French Press to prepare a cold glass of Sagada coffee. Upon opening the bag, a roasted or nutty aroma filled the air. 

By the way, I used two tablespoons of Morning Potion’s ground Sagada coffee. Sagada coffee is known to have a bitter-sweet taste. But with a teaspoon of brown sugar, milk and ice, it can deliciously beat the hot weather.

Tea Potion Review

Oh, that subtitle reminds me of Hermoine!
Morning Potion’s Glowing Skin, Quality Sleep and Weight Loss Tea

As mentioned, Morning Potion’s three herbal teas in their lineup. Let’s start with my least favourite.

Now don’t get me wrong. The tea isn’t bad. It’s just not my cup of tea. 🙂 I am talking about the Glowing Skin tea that contains apple flower, orange, mulberry, rosehip and calendula.

When I took one bag out, I instantly adored the sweet and fruity smell. And when you check the benefits of each, this tea is good for the skin. But since I am the type who enjoys tea as it is, I think I’ll enjoy this one more if I add ice and a teaspoon of sugar.

Let’s move to the tea for a Quality Sleep. The blend of butterfly pea, Lavander, goji berries, lemon and Stevia, gives you a fruity, earthy and refreshing fragrance and flavour. I truly enjoyed this one. You can enjoy it hot or iced.

Now for my favourite. The Weight Loss tea has hibiscus, kumquat, hawthorn, lemon and mint! The dominant fragrances are lemon and mint. But once you brew it, you will taste the wonderful blend of all, leaving you refreshed. Like Quality Sleep, you can enjoy this hot or iced.

PICK Your Morning Potion

Are you ready to pick your Morning potion?

Find Morning Potion on Instagram and Facebook. If you’re more on Instagram, check their highlights section for the information – menu, how to order, and mode of payment.

They have affordable prices. Go and give them a try!

Clari says, always support your lokal!

Happy drinking!

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