CAMEL Appliances 2.4L Air Fryer & 1.8L Electric Kettle with LED Light Review

First things first, this is not sponsored. I bought these items because we need them at home.

You might have heard of CAMEL Appliances. And probably, the first thing that popped into your mind is an electric fan. That is understandable. Since its establishment in August 1991, CAMEL Appliances Manufacturing Corporation initially engaged in the design and manufacturing of electric fans.

As the demand for CAMEL products increased, it expanded its home appliance line. That includes industrial fans, exhaust fans, rice cookers, cooking stove, flat irons, toasters, weighing scales, microwave ovens, water dispensers and washing machines.

In this post, I will share with you the Camel CAF-241 Multi-Function Non-Stick Air Fryer 2.4L with Timer Adjustable and the Camel CK-1840G 1.8L Electric Kettle.

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Let us start with the Electric Kettle.

The Camel CK-1840G has a 1.8L capacity and power consumption of 1500W. If you are worried about heat, there is no need. The electric kettle has a high borosilicate glass body. Borosilicate glass has good temperature resistance as well as thermal shock resistance.

Moreover, the Camel CK-1840G has an auto shut-off making things easier for you. The electric kettle is also cordless, has a 360-degree swivel design and a LED light indicator.

I have been using this electric kettle for more than a month, and it is still in good condition. Since I drink several cups of coffee, it is worth the money.

Now let us take a closer look at the Air Fryer.

The Camel CAF-241 Multi-Function Non-Stick Air Fryer has a capacity of 2.4L, power consumption of 1000W and a voltage of 230V A.C. It also has two dials – an adjustable temperature and a 30-minute timer.

I have been using this air fryer for more than a month, and it is still in good condition. The only problem I encountered is the four small removable rubbers attached to the tray. Sure, it helps the tray avoid direct contact with the basket. However, it would have been better if these were 100% attached. Why?

Because every time you clean, you need to remove these four rubbers. When you put it back on, it doesn’t fit perfectly anymore. It has become loose from all the removing and cleaning. Despite that, this is still a good product perfect for people living alone or for a family of 2-3.

Are you interested in purchasing an air fryer, an electric kettle or any kitchen appliance? I suggest doing your research first. I am well aware that there is a debate on whether you need to purchase an air fryer if you already have a turbo broiler. Since you are the buyer and the user, consider what you need at home.

I, on the other hand, opted for the air fryer. The turbo broiler we have at home has an old school design and is big. But it is still in good condition. Since there is only a few of us at home, I decided to get the 2.4L air fryer from a brand I know.

By the way, I bought this at Lazada. Here are the links:

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