You Deserve the Halo-Halo Ultimate by MatTEAus & Direk Ojet

If you read my blog or watch my videos on YouTube, you’ve read or heard me say this. But I’m going to say it anyway because they have a new product! From the maker of Lecheng Maja, Lecheng Inutak and Lecheng Puto Bumbong comes MatTEAus.

Their name refers to Matthew, Direk Ojet’s adopted son. Direk Ojet is the person behind Lecheng Maja, Lecheng Inutak and Lecheng Puto Bumbong. Going back, Matthew, a child with special needs loves milk tea. With that in mind, Direk Ojet opened MatTEAus.

But MatTEAus isn’t like any other milk tea shop. Take a good look at their menu. Very different, right? Aside from the very classic PINOY additions, their drink ingredients are all-natural. This means that they don’t use powder to make their teas. They don’t also add unnecessary ingredients.

Though their shop hasn’t officially opened yet, I was able to drop by and try the Hershey’s Dark Chocolate and Cadbury Milk Chocolate. As written in their menu, they use rich, authentic melted chocolate and cream cheese for their Chocolait menu.

Let’s go back to the menu. You can avail of Direk Ojet’s Lecheng Maja, Lecheng Inutak and Lecheng Puto Bumbong including their bibingka. But there is one you should not miss! Make sure to try their halo-halo. It’s a bestseller!

Halo-Halo Ultimate and Mais con Hielo

This is the Halo-Halo Ultimate and it contains 12 halo-halo ingredients with the addition of cream cheese and rock salt. I promise you that this is the halo-halo you deserve. It has all the promised 12 ingredients and a delicious combination of cream cheese and rock salt topped with leche flan! You won’t be disappointed.

Check out the full video for a closer look. Also, subscribe!

  • Top: leche Flan, lanka, pinipig
  • Cream cheese & rocksalt cheese
  • Premium ube ice cream
  • Icy milk
  • Bottom: 12 halo-halo ingredients

Though they have a physical shop which is at 49 Malingap St. Diliman, their grand opening will be on June 1. Make sure to visit them. Also, wear your masks and practice social distancing. They also offer pick-up, take-out and delivery through your preferred courier.

Happy eating and stay safe!

49 Malingap St. Teacher’s Village Diliman Quezon City
09394741234 / 09163041575

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