Thoughts on Go Ahead (2020)

Where can I find a father like Li Hai Chao? Go ahead and read this review to know who Li Hai Chao is and understand why I’m looking for someone like him.

Go Ahead is a 2020 Mainland Chinese TV drama that I discovered on YouTube legally last year. I can’t remember if I watched it on the video streaming website WeTV or Viki, but I can confirm the series is available on both platforms. Now, Go Ahead is finally streaming on Netflix.

P.S I was supposed to review per episode. But I’m going to do my best to avoid spilling details because I want you to enjoy the series yourself. It’s worth your time, promise!

Go Ahead (2020)

Yi jia ren zhi ming (original title)
TV Series | Comedy, Drama, Family
47 Episodes | 45 min per episode

Three friends from troubled families form a unique, lasting bond — but their pasts soon cast a cloud over their lives.

Caring neighbours and nosy neighbours, there is a difference. But one must carefully draw a line so as not to interfere too much in one’s private affairs. These were my first thoughts when I started watching Go Ahead, a 2020 Chinese television drama series that revolves around three non-blood-related kids who became each other’s family.

I am not saying it was a bad start, okay? It was a very effective introduction that successfully grabbed my attention. Seeing too many telenovelas, K-dramas, J-dramas, and other series on various platforms Go Ahead is the only family drama I was willing to see through.

Heartwarming & Heartbreaking

You see, like any other drama, Go Ahead also has several characters. BUT they do not confuse the viewers. The material knows what it wants to deliver and achieve. So, the story focused and revolved around the main characters Li Jianjian (Tan Songyun), Ling Xiao (Song Weilong) and He Ziqiu (Zhang Xincheng), the three non-blood-related kids who became each other’s family.

Speaking of, Ling Xiao’s father Ling Heping (Zhang Xilin), especially Li Jianjian’s father Li Haichao (Tu Songyan) was the one who took care of these three. Though they are bought fathers raising their children, it was Li Jianjian’s father Li Haichao who acted as the glue and light of their home.

I know it’s a weird description. But father Li Haichao is a gentle and kind soul. His wife passed when Li Jianjian was very young. Since then, he did his best to raise his daughter alone while he runs his noodle shop near their apartment. That is where he met father Ling Heping and his family as well as He Ziqiu and his mother.

Life wasn’t kind to father Ling Heping and his son, especially to He Ziqiu. So father Li Haichao and daughter Li Jianjian decided to take care of everyone.

It is heartwarming that these once upon a strangers/neighbours unexpectedly became a family and each other’s rock. That is why it was heartbreaking when IN A BLINK OF AN EYE the strong unit separated. There were some unfortunate events from the two boys’ side – Ling Xiao and Ling Xiao causing heartbreak on Li Jianjian’s part.

One day I suddenly realised separation is what’s normal in life. Just like a dandelion seed, it will grow wherever it lands. It will have a new land and new friends. It will also have new friends.

Go Ahead, 2020

When that happened in the first part of the series, Go Ahead swiftly shifted its tone by showing its viewers deeper emotions. This ladies and gentlemen, got me more invested. And towards the second part, the story emphasised regrets, patience and how torturous both can be. Now don’t be alarmed! Go Ahead may be a drama but there is a perfect balance in their story.

Balanced Story Line

Go Ahead is the type of drama that everyone has experienced or is currently experiencing. So if you choose to watch it, you will relate with more than one character. This reminds me, two more characters played a big role in Li Jianjian’s life when everything was turned upside down. 

Her best friends Qi Mingyue (Sun Yi) and Tang Can (He Ruixian) are the most supportive supporting characters you will ever see in a series. These children which turned into good young adults had a fair share of experience on adults’ harshness in forcing them to grow up fast.

With their appearance in the story, Go Ahead was able to add lighter and positive emotions targeting young adults breaking free from their constraints and living the life they want. Though they each will have their own world, these three were always by each other. And that, my friends, is what you call genuine friendship.

Strong Characters

Besides the strong emotional impact, Go Ahead’s characters are strong. We have to thank all the actors who gave life to them. If you compare it with other series, there are times where we see one or too many unimportant characters. This means that even if do not exist, it does not affect the story.

With Go Ahead, this is not a problem because everyone you see on screen contributes something may it be on the main or supporting characters. Some characters played a small role but did something great in the end helping out our main characters. I am talking about Li Jianjian’s brief nán péngyǒu (boyfriend).

ReelView 10/10

Yes, I give Go Ahead a perfect score because the effort of everyone who made this series radiates. I honestly did not expect the intense quality Go Ahead was going to give when I first saw clips online. The story, actors, music, basically the whole production is wonderful. Go Ahead is the type of series you will not easily forget.

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