Stay Cool for the Summer with Moonleaf’s Wintermelon Cream Series

Do you have a love-hate relationship with summer like I do? Are you dreaming of going to the beach or somewhere cool? Me, too!

But since it is safer to stay at home, one might ask how you can be #coolforthesummer. That is easy! All thanks to Moonleaf’s Cool for the Summer Wintermelon Cream Series!

Yes, Wintermelon, the classic flavour that everyone loves. In fact, Wintermelon is Moonleaf’s #1 best-selling flavour because not only is it delicious, but Wintermelon has a cooling effect on the body. This combined with high-quality ingredients and delicious mix, drinking a cup of their Wintermelon Cream Series will surely make you love summer.

So what is Moonleaf’s new Summer line of drinks? Here you go.

  • Mango Black Tea with Wintermelon Cream | R= ₱110 | T= ₱120
  • Lychee Strawberry with Wintermelon Cream | R= ₱110 | T= ₱120
  • Wintermelon Milk Tea with Wintermelon Cream | R= ₱110 | T= ₱120

Which one do I recommend?

If you do not like your milk tea fruity, the Mango Black Tea has a great balanced taste. But if you love a fruity mix, the Lychee Strawberry is for you. I honestly enjoyed both drinks, but nothing beats #MoonleafTeaShop ‘s classic Wintermelon Milk Tea with Wintermelon Cream!

How to get your daily dose of #GoodVibesInACup? Order via:

Hope you have a fun summer and also, always wash your hands, stay healthy and keep safe.

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