Support Filipino Coffee Farmers, Patronise 1740 Coffee Genesis

Are you looking for home-grown handcrafted coffee? 1740 Coffee Genesis is the right place. Brewed with passion and love in 2018, the coffee brand takes pride in serving some of the best Philippine Coffee variants that are ethically sourced directly from farmers.

So what does it mean by “Ethically Sourced”?

The advocacy of 1740 Coffee Genesis is to source coffee from their partner farmers at fair prices, rewarding them for their hard work encouraging them to produce quality coffee.

Now you might be wondering why 1740 Coffee Genesis. One might think, that is the year of their foundation. That’s understandable; however, the year 1740 marks the beginning or introduction of coffee in the Philippines. In short, 1740 is the coffee, Genesis.

Now that’s a real conversation starter! Speaking of which, would you like to see their coffee now? I have here The Coffee Box- Sampler ₱550.00.


Just look at it. It’s a beautiful black box which is solid and reusable complete with white ribbon. It is very presentable or should I classy. It’s a perfect gift for any occasion or, you can gift it to yourself.

Now, let’s open it. We have four different variants of coffee from their Philippine Coffee Collection. Their website says each box contains four surprise variants of coffee that are 70g each.

I tried opening Ambo.

Here’s a video for a closer look. SUBSCRIBE!

Ambo is named after the father of one of the founders of 1740 Coffee Genesis. This exclusive blend of Dark Roast Robusta and Medium Roast Arabica Blend is from Batangas.

Today my brewing method of choice is the French press. If you don’t have one and want to get one, 1740 Coffee Genesis offers The Coffee Box- Bundle and it is on sale. Go check it now.

Now while brewing coffee, I usually read or write. Today, I am reading Trese: Stories from the Diabolical, Volume 1. It is a Filipino comic book by sir Budjette Tan and sir Kajo Baldisimo. Trese is now an animated series which will soon stream on Netflix. #SupportYourLokal

Okay, now it’s done. You can add milk and sugar. How much? That depends on you. I usually like it dark, but since I’m shooting this video at night, I added more milk.

Ambo is quite strong, but the amount of milk and sugar I added made it less. Still, you can smell and taste the quality of the coffee. I used to have different sealed bags of ground coffee before. But since I found my favourite brands, I am left with two. Now, I’m adding 1740 Coffee Genesis to my stash.

I know I only opened one which is Ambo, but if you follow me on Facebook, Instagram or my blog, there’s a chance I’ll share what I think about the rest of the coffee variants from this box.

And besides coffee, 1740 Coffee Genesis also offers various dishes and drinks. They serve all-day breakfast, coffee-infused pasta, bibingka cheesecake, suman ala mode, a selection of healthy bubble and fruit teas and more. You can visit them on the 2nd floor of TOWN & COUNTRY COMMERCIAL ARCADE, Marcos Highway, Cainta, Rizal right across APT Studios. Take note, 1740 Coffee Genesis has implemented a CONTACTLESS, CASHLESS & SAFE ORDERING SYSTEM.

Make sure to visit and follow their socials so you won’t miss any of their offerings and events. Besides coffee and food, 1740 Coffee Genesis also has art exhibits and workshops. So don’t miss out!

Facebook | Instagram : 1740coffeegenesis

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