MMFF Student Short Film Entry: Sina Alexa, Xander at Ang Universe (2020)

Like the Cinemalaya and the JFF Plus: Online Festival, the 2020 Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) also went online. The country’s annual film festival which runs from December 25 to the first weekend of January in the following year partnered with Globe’s GMovies and UPSTREAM.

And from the usual eight films, MMFF expanded the selection to 10 one of which is the film I will review. However, before The Boy Foretold by the Stars (2020), they played a short film called Sina Alexa, Xander at ang Universe or Alexa, Xander and the Universe in English.

So let me share with you my thoughts on this one first.

Sina Alexa, Xander at ang Universe (2020)

(Alexa, Xander and the Universe)
Written & Directed by Vahn Leinard Pascual | Short, Comedy

Two siblings namely Alexa and Xander annually decorate their room into a Miss Universe arena and secretly pretend to be one of the contestants. Suddenly, their lives were flabbergasted as something unexpected happened.

Honestly, I have seen this kind of scenario in tv series, films and stage play. However, it always ends up bad. It’s, probably, because there is a not-so-great father figure present. This time there is only the sister and the mother who are more understanding and accepting. It was heartwarming and beautiful, but it also got me thinking.

Does Xander have a sister? I feel that this film hid several signs. Okay, this is just my theory. You are welcome to debunk it; however, I think that Xander is an only child. And Alexa is his inner self. He is young and must be scared, so he only trusts himself. He also can only be honest when he is alone.

I mean, why on earth would he hide his sister in the closet. That is him. He is hiding. But once he realised it is time to come out, he did so. And like a good mother, she accepted her son whole-heartedly.

I suddenly miss my college film days. 🙂 Great job, De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde!



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